Biden's 'Buy America' Shtick Turns Into One Big Foreseeable Headache

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In this episode of Oh, the Irony!…

First, a slight digression before we get started. Remember not all that long ago whenever Donald Trump made xenophobic [sarc] “Make America Great Again” comments like “Buy America!” how the Democrats would lose their crap and call him Hitler and stuff? [barely sarc] Yeah, me too. Welp, guess what?


Turns out Joe Biden now believes — or has been forced by his plethora of intentional failures to pretend he believes — that “Buy America” isn’t all that bad of an idea after all. There’s just one big problem, and even “better,” that problem points in part to an even bigger Biden-exacerbated problem, but first things first.

As reported by The Washington Post, the “Buy America” initiative that Biden says will promote domestic manufacturing and fuel a blue-collar renaissance is running into an ironic problem: The U.S. no longer produces many of the products needed to modernize roads, bridges, and ports.

As you might remember, Biden’s much-vaunted (by Democrats and their lapdog media) $1 trillion so-called “infrastructure” plan insists that U.S. materials be used. Remember how adamantly Barney Fife Biden melodramatically made the demand? Oopsie, Joe.

Here’s more, via WaPo:

This awkward dynamic spilled into public view this month, when the U.S. Department of Transportation denied a request by the nation’s ports to use federal infrastructure funds to purchase imported dock cranes, trucks, boat lifts and similar equipment, after industry officials argued that no domestic manufacturers exist for them.

In particular, while some smaller cargo-handling units are made in the United States, all of the electric models that support the administration’s climate goals are made overseas, according to the American Association of Port Authorities.

The infrastructure legislation includes broader requirements for the use of American-made construction materials, including copper, drywall, and fiber-optic cables, in federally funded projects.

The administration this month issued new guidance for determining whether substances and manufactured products used on such projects qualify as “made-in-the-USA” and solicited public comments about numerous specifics. With the approach of the spring construction season,

Biden’s push to boost domestic production is clashing with the reality that some materials are not available from U.S. sources in the amount of time required, according to groups representing the agencies that manage projects and the industries that build them.


Aside from the problems that should’ve been easily foreseeable by Team Biden before Mumbles Biden rolled out the initiative, “Made in the USA” is just swell with the Democrat Party, but “Make America Great Again” is tantamount to fascism. And these people don’t understand why the rational among us view the Democrat Party as the most hypocritical organization on the planet.

Jim McDonnell, director of engineering for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, summed it up in a nutshell for WaPo:

They’re trying to spur industry. But it seems they’re trying to push out too much, too quickly.

Another critical point: Woefully inept Biden and his clown-car mentality administration are in full panic mode, driven by survey after survey that finds a majority of Americans want zero to do with Joe Biden — or Joe Biden policies — in 2024.

Among the looming headaches for the administration as noted by WaPo:

State and local transportation officials fear they will be unable to obtain adequate supplies of the reflective glass beads used to make safety striping for highway pavement. And materials for high-speed rail systems are almost entirely made in Japan or Europe, according to the summary of meetings last year between top DOT officials and industry representatives.


And we haven’t even gotten to the “Made in China” problem. You don’t ‘spose Joe broached that subject with his pal Xi during their most recent chat, do you?

But, hey— much ado about nothing, people, relax. According to two senior administration officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, Biden officials intend to grant waivers of the “Buy America” rules when necessary (politically expedient to do so) and to “continue a dialogue with industry groups aimed at resolving specific issues as they arise.”

So there it is.

“Lunch Bucket” Joey from Scranton crows about his “blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America and make a real difference in your lives at home,” — which is aimed squarely at working-class voters who’ve been abandoned by the Democrat Party as their economic fortunes have been upended not only by Biden’s intentional crises but by globalization, as well — but the administration will break its own “Buy America” rules when they deem it politically necessary to do so.

Meanwhile, Joe (and his crackhead son Hunter) continue to kiss the ChiComs’ as ring.



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