'This Is Just Hypocrisy': McCarthy Asks the Questions We Want Answered About Biden's Docs Scandal

Speaker McCarthy rips Biden documents scandal. (Credit: Fox News)

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Sunday appeared on Fox News’s “Morning Futures” for a wide-ranging interview with host Maria Bartiromo, during which he weighed in on the Biden classified documents scandal, top GOP priorities, raising the debt ceiling, and whether he can work with Joe Biden.


First up of course was Biden’s docs scandal. As additional documents continue to be “found,” the White House lies just keep coming. As reported by Reuters, House Republicans on Friday launched an investigation into the Justice Department’s handling of Biden’s “improperly stored” classified documents and questioned whether his crackhead son, Hunter, had access to any of them.

McCarthy told Bartiromo he was concerned about the DOJ’s handling of the Biden docs scandal vs. that of Donald Trump.

Congress has an independent constitutional obligation to oversee all aspects of the Justice Department, and that includes special counsels as well. And so we will have a role in overseeing what’s transpiring here. What’s really concerning to me is how justice is applied and is it applied equally.

The Speaker also questioned how long Biden knowingly had the documents before they were “discovered.”

How many years has this vice president, who’s been in [public] office for more than 40 years, had these documents? Who’s been in and out of there?” the speaker continued. “So, they apply a special counsel, but how many agents do they apply to that and applied to [former] President [Donald] Trump as well? This is just hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy, of course, with a capital BIDEN.


McCarthy continued:

I’m tired of this Justice Department that we found that went after parents and others, that they utilize it to go after people because they have different political beliefs. That is what’s wrong with government. And this is a prime example of why we passed this week a new select committee that will fall under Jim Jordan’s Committee for the Weaponization of Government, that we can look into what the FBI has been doing from Twitter and everywhere else and change the course where we can now trust our law enforcement.

Why is it every time there’s an investigation of a Republican, they’re always tied together in a small little loop? Couldn’t we have an independent person in the FBI that has no ties to anything to investigate something? Why is it always from a small protected group of friends [that] are the only ones that they put in to have [as] counsel?

McCarthy’s questions were rhetorical; he knows damn well — as do the Democrats — that the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the IRS have not only been weaponized against the Republican Party but even more ominously, against conservatism as a whole.

The Speaker harkened back to a commitment he made during the four-day, 15-ballot battle for the gavel: “I will never give up.”

We will get to the bottom of this no matter how long it takes us and how hard we have to fight. There’s one thing I think, I hope the American public realized from watching the race for speaker: I will never give up. That means I will never give up on you on getting the truth.


Not to nitpick with the Speaker, but “getting the truth” and doing something about the truth are different animals. We’re talking consequences, Mr. Speaker, not condemnation.

As to whether McCarthy believes he can actually work with Biden over the next two years, he referenced out-of-control Democrats spending taxpayer money like drunken sailors as an example.

Every government has to do this, every state has to balance their budget, county, city. For the White House to say they won’t even look at it, that they can’t find one penny out of a dollar of eliminating waste, I think they were just trying to put us into bankruptcy.

What I am saying, and it’s my conversation with the president on our first conversation, ‘Let’s sit down together. Let’s look at the places that we can change our behavior.’ The first thing I would say is: ‘Why don’t you make the House and Senate both produce a budget? They don’t produce a budget. So, you know they’re wasting money.’

McCarthy was right, but what he misses — as all Republicans have missed for decades — is that the Democrat Party has zero interest in a balanced budget and is only concerned with creating a permanent underclass beholden to the federal government (Democrat Party) for daily existence.

And why? See: “the ballot box.”


Continuing his message to the president, McCarthy said:

Let’s sit down and change our behavior for the good of America, because what we’re going to do is bankrupt this country and bankrupt these entitlements if we don’t change our behavior today.

Uh-huh. Good luck with that, Kevin.

The Bottom Line

It seems to me that the Republicans’ best and most realistic option over the next two years will be to block the Democrats as often as possible from further damaging this country, vs. compromising with the Democrats on anything — in the best interests of the American people.

Given totally-controlled Biden’s eagerness to use his veto pen, even that’s going to be tough.

Which reminds me: Let’s not screw up 2024, gang.


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