Mark Levin Lays Out Devastating Differences Between Biden and Trump Classified Doc Controversies

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It came as no surprise when the Biden White House and liberal media sock puppets rushed to defend, excuse, and justify the discovery of at least three troves of classified documents in Biden’s possession.


The same hypocrites, mind you, who claimed the discovery of classified documents during the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home revealed a clear and present danger to the U.S., if not the entire world.

At first blush, without knowing the details known only by investigators, the cases appear similar. The only difference in the above two scenarios is a political predisposition, i.e. politics as usual.

While Fox News host Mark Levin an unabashed constitutional conservative — I note that as a compliment — he’s also a bestselling author and an accomplished lawyer. Levin on Thursday methodically laid out what he sees as the difference between the Biden and Trump classified documents controversies. In a series of tweets, Levin began by stating the obvious difference from the very beginning of Trump’s case.

1. I do see a difference between President Trump and then-VP Biden on classified documents. Trump’s team was negotiating with the DOJ over the documents and Biden covered up the existence of documents for months.

On the off chance a Democrat is reading this article, Levin’s above statement is categorically correct.


Levin next pointed to the differences between where both sets of classified docs were stored.

2. The documents Trump had were protected in a location guarded by the secret service. Not so with Biden. One of the places where Biden kept classified documents was heavily subsidized by the Communist Chinese. Not so with Trump.

Again, facts.

And this is a big one — which is “shockingly” ignored by the Biden White House and lapdog media:

3. Another difference is that Trump was president and had the indisputable constitutional authority to classify and declassify information as he saw fit. Biden, as vice president, had no such power. Biden held the classified documents for years.

Another “somewhat” [sarc] important differentiation.

Next up, Levin referenced Biden’s nearly 50-year career in Washington, D.C., politics, while Trump’s presidency was his first and only job in the government.


4. Biden has been in government for many decades and should have been very familiar with the various document rules. Trump was in power for 4 years. There’s plenty more. Meanwhile, this entire scandal has been covered up for months, including through the mid-term elections.

Of course Biden was familiar with the rules. And being such, like all “good” politicians, he also knew hold to get around the rules when necessary or desirable to do so. Trump? I doubt it — if he even tried.

Another glaring difference, as Levin pointed out, was how Biden’s documents were “discovered,” vs. those of Trump.

5. The DOJ did not issue a subpoena, let alone secure a search warrant, and to the best of our knowledge, there has been no government search of any of Biden’s offices or homes for documents.

So where does the Biden case leave the public, vs. that of Trump?

6. Instead, we rely on Biden’s people and his private lawyers, who’ve demonstrated that they are not to be relied on. As of now, there’s been no special counsel appointment. To our knowledge, no national security review of the classified documents.

“In fact,” Levin pointed out, “there’s plenty more.

7. In fact, we have no idea when the second group of documents were found. We have no idea about the chain of custody. Yet, the treatment of President Trump has been disgusting. The triggering of the criminal justice system against him has been appalling. There’s plenty more.


“Appalling” is putting it tactfully. From James Comey’s FBI to Merrick Garland’s Justice Department, the ongoing efforts from Day One of Trump’s presidency to destroy the man have been despicably inexcusable — particularly in America. 

The Bottom Line

Is Mark Levin a partisan? Of course, he is, as are all people with strongly held convictions — political or otherwise.

But here’s the thing: Mark Levin is one of the best critical thinkers in the business, and while he’s surely politically predisposed, he brings the facts to the table — not his emotions or feelings — but only the facts, and he lays them out methodically and incisively.

You know — just like Joe Biden. Meh.


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