'Migrant Laundering': Biden's Latest Scam to Import Illegal Aliens Is His Most Blatant Attempt Yet

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Like all “good” Democrats — if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try, and keep trying until you achieve your objective — Joe Biden continues scam after scam to import as many illegal aliens into America as he can get away with, with the misguided belief that his illegals will one day become Democrat voters.


As is the case with everything Biden does, he has zero morals with respect to his ongoing efforts to keep his illegal alien importation business alive. As we reported recently, he even stooped to the unconscionable level of comparing illegal aliens filing illegitimate asylum claims to terrified German Jews fleeing Adolf Hitler’s Nazis and the Holocaust.

Beyond disgusting, but Bidenesque to the max.

As reported by Politico on Thursday, Biden’s recent newest scam rests on “paroling” illegals. Speaking in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, the president said the policy will grant humanitarian “parole” to eligible migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. In a faux bow to the growing public outcry, he described his new scam:

Do not just show up at the border. Stay where you are and apply legally from there. Starting today, if you don’t apply through the legal process you will not be eligible for this new parole program.

“Parole”? Seriously?

Parole is generally granted to imprisoned convicted criminals who’ve demonstrated years of good behavior, have shown characteristics of rehabilitation, or have serious medical issues — not to aliens who illegally enter the country, most of whom have been told what to say as soon as they’re apprehended, while untold numbers of “got-aways” continue to disappear into the interior of the country.

In a recent National Review column, former federal prosecutor and Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy shared his thoughts about what Biden’s latest scam portends.


Last weekend, I urged that the House impeach Biden over the security catastrophe he has willfully created at the southern border. In just the last two months, for example, over 600,000 illegal aliens — oh, sorry, migrants — have been apprehended.

And mind you, that doesn’t count another 200,000-plus “got aways,” who’ve snuck in without being captured because Biden won’t provide adequate enforcement resources.

As anger over his non-enforcement policy mounts, Biden is now trying to hoodwink the country into believing that he is getting tough on illegal-alien entries, despite two years of aiding and abetting millions of them.

Biden and his factotum, Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, are telling aliens the world over who want to come to the United States that they just need to let us know they’re coming ahead of time. For this, they just need to use an app or avail themselves of various hubs in Mexico (and elsewhere, to be sure).

McCarthy called Biden’s “parole” scam “fiction.”

The fiction is that this way, when the alien hordes later show up at the border, they won’t be “without legal authorization” anymore. The parole decreed by the chief executive will be treated as if it were a visa granted under legitimate American law.

“Wait a second,” you’re thinking, “hasn’t Biden already been paroling hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens?” Yes, he has. But see, the parole has been happening after the aliens get “encountered” at the border. (Encounter is a euphemism that the government employs because it doesn’t want to say arrest — that, after all, would imply detention, which the government is not doing, though the law requires it.)

The Biden administration doesn’t want to do the parole post-encounter anymore. Is that because of our national-security problem? Don’t be silly: It’s because of Biden’s embarrassing political problem.


To McCarthy’s last point, Biden’s entire agenda from his first day in office — along with that of Democrat lawmakers in both chambers of Congress — was based on the incorrect belief that voters in the 2016 election delivered a mandate to the Democrats, along with a green light to go for it, meaning the implementation of the most radical agenda we have yet seen in America. On the contrary, voters in 2020 mostly delivered an “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” message.

So how is Biden attempting to “fix” his “embarrassing political problem”? As the old saying goes, by trying to have his cake and eat it too. McCarthy absolutely nailed it:

To address this political embarrassment, Biden has concocted a form of what we might call “migrant laundering.” The illegal aliens will now apply for parole before they get here, so that when they arrive at the border — voila! — they are no longer illegal; they’ll have their Biden parole codes.

Border agents (the Welcoming Committee) will find the code right there on the app, perhaps loaded onto one of those cellphones illegal aliens are given gratis, courtesy of Uncle Sam (a.k.a the American taxpayer). That means there will no longer be reason to count these aliens in government stats as illegals caught at the border and then released onto our streets.

You’re to conclude that the aliens are no longer illegal because they have Biden administration parole authorization, as if that were the same thing as authorization under the laws of the United States.



Let’s get back to my statement about Biden and the Democrats incorrectly believing that an open border policy — despite the administration’s plethora of blatant lies to the contrary — would benefit the party in the long run, before we wrap this one up.

The Democrats’ problem stems from their incorrect assumption that Latinos — Hispanics, more correctly — would overwhelmingly vote Democrat if eventually given the right to vote, based on the reality that an overwhelming percentage of Black Americans have voted Democrat for more than six decades.

Just one problem.

As I reported in December, Hispanic voters are abandoning the Democrat Party in droves. A then-recent Rasmussen survey found that 42 percent of Hispanic Voters have walked away from the Democrats and toward the Republican Party since 2018. That is profound. Warranted, but profound just the same. As Rasmussen reported:

The decline in support for Democrats likely has many causes. In terms of legislation, the president’s Build Back Better plan is weighed down by a large number of extraordinarily unpopular provisions.

Additionally, Democrats are seen as a bigger threat to democracy than Republicans. In their push for election reform, Democrats have sought legislation to outlaw three election reforms that are supported by more than 80 percent of voters.

Beyond specific legislation, there are many broader concerns. Most voters recognize that, compared to pre-pandemic numbers, there are far fewer Americans with a job these days.

Politically, this is a very challenging issue for Democrats. Two-thirds of voters say economic issues are more important than cultural issues. Yet only 37% believe that Democratic politicians and activists are primarily interested in economic issues.


Oops, Joe.

And oops continues, as Biden and the Democrat Party — desperate to change public opinion — continue to attempt to look like they’re making efforts to stem the flow of illegal aliens into America when in reality they don’t want to do a damn thing about it.


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