WATCH: More Than 40,000 German Soccer Fans Huddle Together to Sing Christmas Carols

More than 40,000 Germans huddle together to sing Christmas carols. Screengrab credit: Newzee/YouTube

As I began to write this article, it occurred to me what a sad commentary it is that this heartwarming story made it all the way to international news. It shouldn’t have. That is to say, singing Christmas carols in public in America used to be commonplace.


But thanks to the left’s insidious attack on Christmas — and Christianity in general — it no longer is. That’s not only a shame; it’s also a Dickensonian harbinger of Christmas future in America.

So, fans of a German soccer club may not have much to cheer about this year when it comes to their team’s performance on the field, since the team is currently 13th out of 18 teams in Germany’s top professional Fußball (“football”) league, but as reported by Reuters, the disappointed fans found something else to cheer about.

For the first time since draconian COVID-19 restrictions were imposed on the country in 2019, the fans have been allowed to gather in person — inside a soccer stadium — to sing Christmas carols at an annual event known as “Loss mer Weihnachtsleeder singe,” which is loosely translated: “Let’s sing Christmas carols.”

Incidentally, imagine for a nanosecond the cacophony of screeching on the American left if such an event were to occur at a public venue in the U.S. Deafening, no doubt — with “devout Catholics” like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden eagerly issuing statements to remind rank-and-file voters that the Democrat Party supports the religious beliefs of all faiths. (Other than Christians expressing their beliefs in public.)


Two cases in point:

As I reported in June, “Very Catholic person” Nancy Pelosi refused to condemn physical attacks on pro-life organizations in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Yet, Madam Speaker trots out her “deep Catholic faith” when she finds it politically expedient to do so.

Other times, Pelosi dismissively harangued us about her staunch support of on-demand abortion. And “best” of all, she often cited the former in obscene support of the latter — most notably her reference to late-term abortion as “sacred ground.”

And in August, I reported how “devout Catholic” Joe Biden also refused to condemn attacks against Christian communities in the aftermath of the Roe decision. After all, Biden has referred to on-demand abortion as an “essential healthcare service” for women.

Wait — I think I’m supposed to refer to “pregnant people.” That’ll be a cold day in hell, of course, although Friday morning in my neck of the woods it was minus-10 degrees Fahrenheit, with a “feels like” temperature of minus-35 degrees, so we’re getting close. Who knew?


Anyway, Loss mer Weihnachtsleeder singe attendee Nadine Spierling told Reuters the event was “beautiful”:

It’s beautiful. The joyful anticipation was so much bigger this time than in past years because we were missing something. It’s simply a part of Christmas and has this special feel to it.

Please enjoy the video, whether you speak German or not. And Fröhliche Weihnachten!, RedStaters. Oh, and to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and all of my left-wing pals, Happy Holidays.

I can still say that, right?


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