Pelosi Invokes Catholic Faith, Shutuppery: Until You've Had Kids You Have "No Standing" to Talk About Abortion

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was a featured guest at the left-wing Center for American Progress “Ideas” Conference in Washington, DC on Wednesday, and with all the drama surrounding the abortion debate in recent weeks, she had some things to say.


The Blaze‘s Dave Urbanski reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — calling herself a “very devout Catholic” — blasted “white guys” who are against abortion and said recently passed state laws restricting abortion come from a “fear” of pro-choice women.


Pelosi also ripped those opposed to abortion who haven’t shared her child-bearing experiences: “When you have five children in six years, we’ll have a conversation. Otherwise you have no standing whatsoever.”


“You see them lined up on the floor of the House — guys, guys, guys, guys, just white guys, guys, guys — signing for their discharge petition in a way that really doesn’t represent the truth of what they are putting down there.”

Watch video of Pelosi’s remarks below:

It’s always struck me as odd that any person of faith, whether they be a Democrat, Republican, what have you, would invoke their faith to justify their pro-abortion position – and furthermore insinuate that it’s a badge of honor to hold both positions. They’re suggesting that one is consistent with the other, which just isn’t true. In fact, Democrats in particular seem to know deep down that it isn’t true, which you see in their religious litmus tests of Christian conservative judicial nominees when it comes to abortion rights.


Secondly, it’s just a flat out shutuppery tactic to play the “I’m a mother, until you’ve been in my shoes don’t talk to me about abortion” card. I am a woman who doesn’t have children, but I do have strong opinions against abortion. They’re not based on emotions nor my faith but rather biology, science, facts.

There are very few – and I mean very few – issues that our politicians debate that don’t impact every American in some way, whether it be literally, financially, socially, or morally. The only question is as to the degree of that impact.

The “right” to terminate unborn life is most definitely a moral issue much like slavery was when it was legal. The fact that it was legal did not make it “right” no more than abortion being legal makes it “right” to do.

Furthermore, I’d love it if Pelosi would tell pro-life “white guys” like La. Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) that he has “no standing” to weigh in on abortion. As I wrote yesterday, Edwards and his wife Donna were told almost 30 years ago that their unborn daughter had spina bifida and should be aborted. Their daughter Samantha is now married and is a school counselor.


All voices matter in this debate, not just women who have had children. And not just women who believe in abortion – which is really Pelosi’s bigger underlying point.

Suggesting or implying that debates be confined to a specific gender, race, sexuality, nationality, or to whichever group would be impacted the most is – frankly – unAmerican. Pelosi should know better.

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