New Mexico Democratic Governor Tries to Fine Churches 10,000 Dollars for CHRISTmas Eve Services

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What is the deal with these Democratic Governors who just feel the need to try and intimidate places of worship with fines? The Napoleonic complex with these people is a bit too much.


Our latest example of someone with a D after their name trying to throw their political weight around by throwing out fines to churches is Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico. Oh, she looks harmless enough but her delusions of grandeur and her title of Governor have gone straight to her head, and she was none too happy about followers of God not obeying her every command.

From The Blaze

New Mexico’s Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham fined two churches $10,000 apiece for violating the state’s social distancing requirements, and her communications director released a statement accompanying the fine implying that the pastors involved were “pro-virus,” according to a report from Daily Wire.

The churches, Legacy Church and Cavalry Church, are described as “megachurches” by local ABC affiliated KOAT-TV. Both attracted attention after they posted videos on their respective social media sites showing hundreds of parishioners gathered singing Christmas carols during Christmas Eve services. Those videos garnered significant attention on social media and ultimately led to news stories from local media affiliates, which seems to have prompted the governor’s actions.


Just a couple of things on this clearly idiotic act by the Governor of this state.

While I’m not clear on what powers the Constitution of New Mexico grants the Governor to fine a church, I’m pretty sure that the Constitution of the United States of America allows for assemblies of this type with no fear of getting a fine for gathering without a mask. In fact, the United States Supreme Court has already checked into this matter back in November involving a case with Governor Grisham’s colleague up in New York, Governor “Big Brother of Fredo” Cuomo, and slapped his dumb restrictions down.

Maybe no one read Michelle this story at bedtime, so just in case, here is a brief refresher from NBC News

The U.S. Supreme Court issued an injunction late Wednesday blocking New York’s governor from enforcing 10- and 25-person occupancy limits on religious institutions, granting a request from the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Agudath Israel.

The state had told the court there was no need to act because the restrictions, which were adopted as a way to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, had recently been dialed back.

I love the fact the Cuomo eased the restrictions after the religious institutions filed and acted as nothing happened. So why you gotta go to SCOTUS? What a rube.


The underlying issue here is if you can’t issue a mandate on how many people can attend a worship service, how can you then go and issue a fine for something that you can’t limit in the first place? What draconian planet are these people living on that they feel they can make up laws based on the fact that they feel like it? This is nonsense on steroids.

Also, that the Governor’s communications director, Trepp Stelnicki called these churches and those celebrating the birth of Christ in them “pro-virus,” has to be one of the most idiotic things said by someone who is working for an idiot. Just to be clear, I’m not sorry if you find the term idiot offensive, being it is clearly accurate and just about the strongest term I can use for people who are trying to intimidate people worshipping the birth of our savior.

No one is pro-virus for protesting the death of George Floyd, right? No one is pro-virus for rallying under the cause of BLM and occasionally burning stuff, correct? Maybe they are, but you will certainly not hear that from good ole Michelle and her spokesperson Trepp. They would rather be waterboarded for millennia than ever say anything bad about the base that demands they heel every day and for everything the mob wants, no matter how crazy it sounds or is.


Hopefully, this will be taken to the courts and once again beaten down like the truly bad idea and illegal act it is, and then we can wait for more nuggets of crud to come from the Guv of New Mexico.

I bet 2021 is gonna be a blast.

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Finally, I hope you had a Very Merry CHRISTmas and will have a Blessed New Year.


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