Wait, Wut? New York Times Righteously Proclaims: 'Liberal Christianity' Ascends With Faith of 'Deeply Biblical' Biden

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It’s getting harder and harder to come up with superlatives to accurately describe the depth of mind-numbing hypocrisy on display by the Left, as the sanctification of Joe Biden continues to a degree previously reserved for Chicago Jesus Barack Obama.


That profound degree of hypocrisy is perhaps best evidenced by the liberal media’s reporting on the faith of “devout Catholic” Biden, as contrasted with its treatment of “controversial Catholic” Amy Coney Barrett. Incidentally, both links are to NPR stories.

“The dogma lives loudly within you.”

Prior to Amy Coney Barrett’s 2020 Supreme Court nomination, Donald Trump in 2017 nominated Judge Barrett to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

In her 2020 confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Coney Barrett was grilled by Democrats who focused on her Catholic faith and how it might influence her decisions in cases involving abortion and same-sex marriage. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), ranking member of the committee, told the judge that her Catholic beliefs were concerning, as they might influence her judicial decisions on abortion.

“The dogma lives loudly within you,” Feinstein infamously said.

Coney Barrett faced much of the same scrutiny after her nomination to the Supreme Court. The far-left The Nation, among others, decried her extremist religious beliefs.

Behold… Biden… “man of faith.”

The headline of an article I wrote in mid-November sums up the Left’s hypocrisy on Biden’s faith vs. that of ACB, rather well: Catholics Michael Moore and Stephen Colbert Awestruck Over Biden’s Faith: ‘A Frequent if Not Daily Communicant’.


The platitudes couldn’t have been gushier. From Moore, no less:

“So I said I am assuming […] hat these are going to be the moral principles of the Biden presidency. I am just going to assume that automatically because I do believe he is a man of faith. And I think that is going to serve us really well.”

Now let’s kick it up a notch or ten.

The New York Times doesn’t seem to be able to get enough of Biden’s “devout Catholic” faith. In an op-ed titled In Biden’s Catholic Faith, an Ascendant Liberal Christianity, “Faith and politics” reporter Elizabeth Dias not only fell all over Biden’s deeply biblical” faith; she lauded his “rhetorical resemblance to Jesus,” as well, reported by NewsBusters.

Hours before President Biden took the oath of office, he entered the front pew of the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, the seat of Catholic Washington, and beheld the mosaics behind the altar.

An intimate group of family, friends and congressional leaders had gathered for Mass, in the place where Pope Francis spoke in 2015 and where the funeral for John F. Kennedy, the nation’s first Roman Catholic president, was held.

When it was time for the homily, the Rev. Kevin F. O’Brien, the president of Santa Clara University and friend of the Biden family, compared Mr. Biden’s upcoming inaugural message to the words of Jesus.

“Your public service is animated by the same conviction,” he said, “to help and protect people and to advance justice and reconciliation, especially for those who are too often looked over and left behind.”


“Especially for those who are too often … left behind.” Does that include the more than 61 million unborn children killed since Roe v. Wade? Speaking of which, this past Friday marked the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which Biden dutifully lauded.

No matter, religion is all the rage on the Left now that “devout Catholic” Joe is president, as evidenced by NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett.

Dias went so far as to anoint Biden “the most religious observant commander in chief in half a century.” Apparently, Sunday school teacher Jimmy Carter didn’t make the cut.

There are myriad changes with the incoming Biden administration. One of the most significant: a president who has spent a lifetime steeped in Christian rituals and practices.

Mr. Biden, perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in half a century, regularly attends Mass and speaks of how his Catholic faith grounds his life and his policies.

This was among Dias’s “best” lines.

“And with Mr. Biden, a different, more liberal Christianity is ascendant: less focused on sexual politics and more on combating poverty, climate change, and racial inequality.”


I’m hardly a Christian theologian, but “liberal Christianity”? As opposed to “conservative Christianity”? So what, liberal Christians get to do more “liberal” stuff than do conservative Christians? Is that anything like “cafeteria Catholic”? Very confusing.

And “sexual politics.” What is that?

Same-sex marriage? We got that. Right to life vs. the misnomer, “right to choose” — which everyone on the planet knows is a nod to the right to choose abortion — regardless of how loudly and indignantly the Left screams it doesn’t.

Let’s end with the most misleading line (lie) from Ms. Dias’s encyclical on St. Joseph.

While conservative Catholics have doubled down on abortion policy and religious freedom for the past four years, Mr. Biden’s policy priorities reflect those of Pope Francis, who has sought to turn the church’s attention from sexual politics to issues like environmental protection, poverty and migration.

Hold the bus. That is incorrect. At the very least, it is purposely misleading based on the way the sentence is written. “While conservative Catholics have doubled down on abortion policy … Mr. Biden’s policy priorities reflect those of Pope Francis.”

While I’m no fan of Francis — perhaps if he stuck to “poping” vs. doing his papal best to spread socialism around the world, I’d feel differently —Biden’s description of abortion as an “essential health care service” did not sit well at all with His Holiness.


In a November article titled Pope Congratulates ‘Deeply Devout’ Catholic Biden, Who Calls Abortion an ‘Essential Health Care Service’, I wrote about the pope’s September message to the United Nations, in which he not only decried abortion and family breakdown, as reported by the Catholic News Agency; he also specifically condemned “promoting abortion” as a “so-called ‘essential health care service.’”

Promoting abortion as an essential health care service — solely for political expediency with one eye on the ballot box — is exactly what St. Joseph of Scranton does.

Dias ended her encyclical with a reference to St. Joseph Biden “adopting the posture of a chaplain” in a memorial service on the mall for victims of COVID-19. “That is a deeply biblical posture,” she said, “mourning with those who mourn.”

I don’t know about you, but when I think “deeply” and “Biden”?

“Biblical posture” isn’t at the top of my list.


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