Joe Biden Protects 'Democracy' by Dropping Tyrannical Final Message Before the Mid-Terms

You always expect the takes to get hotter from a party on the verge of losing an election, but Joe Biden’s closing message, which he dropped on election eve, seems to be just a bit much.


The president took to Twitter, or at least the handlers who run his account did, to let it be known that he is the one true king. In fact, you simply don’t have the right to criticize him.

Really, this is scary stuff when you don’t consider he’s a senile old man flailing wildly who is about to lose what little power he had.

What in the actual? There’s so much wrong and tyrannical about that statement that it’s hard to know where to begin. Who the heck does this dude think he is?

For starters, yes, people do get to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in pandemic “loans” (they weren’t actually loans). The US Congress passed that program with the express intent of keeping the economy afloat and avoiding mass layoffs. Companies only got to forgive that debt if they used it to keep employees on the payroll. It was not a free handout to random business owners, who saw no benefit from it other than keeping the people they care about from the unemployment line.

That is in no way comparable to a dictatorial maniac in the White House deciding to spend $500 billion in unappropriated money with the stroke of a pen, contrary to what the law allows. It doesn’t matter how one personally feels about student loan forgiveness. It needs to go through the legislative process. That is not Biden’s money to throw around in a weak attempt to buy votes. His insinuation otherwise shows his contempt for normal Americans who have to foot the bill so newly graduated doctors and lawyers can buy an extra boat sometime over the next five years.


But what Biden’s rant really points to is the dangerous intertwining of the federal government with the private sector. Democrats don’t like to give away money because they are good-hearted. They do it because it gives them leverage to then crack down on rights to control others. Imagine these clowns being in charge of the healthcare system and how badly that would go. “Oh, you took that life-saving cancer treatment? Well, you have no right to criticize me now.” That’s exactly how things would go.

This is why it’s so important to vote. Get out there today (this writing is on election day, 2022) and cast your ballot. The only way to stop the onslaught is to embarrass these tyrants and make them think twice about crossing the American people. Biden himself desperately needs to be taken down a size because it’s clear he’s drifting further and further into a very dark place.


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