WATCH: Smart New Ad Taking on Biden's Student Debt Transfer to Hardworking Americans Can Spur GOP to Win Elections

Screenshot from "Tell Congress: Stop Biden's Bailout for Rich Kids." Credit: American Action Network YouTube.

One thing is not only abundantly clear about the upcoming midterms and the 2024 presidential election, but it’s also a rare opportunity in national politics. Unless Dumpster Fire Joe and the drunken-sailor-spending Democrat Congress improbably save their sinking ship, they will hand a silver platter to the Republicans in each cycle. That is unless the GOP snatches defeat from the jaws of victory in either or both.


The latest economic disaster heaped on everyday Americans by Lyin’ Biden is his obscenely misnomered student loan forgiveness program, which some analysts estimate could cost U.S. taxpayers $1 trillion or more over the next decade. Hence, the dishonest name: not one dollar in freely, contractually-acquired student debt is going to be “forgiven.” Every single dollar will instead be paid by hardworking Americans, one disingenuous way or another. Biden and the Democrats claim otherwise; Biden and the Democrats lie.

While the list is long of the crises Joe Biden has purposely visited on America, this one is perhaps the worst, particularly in long run, not to mention one of the largest wealth-redistribution scams in history — passed by the Democrats for the same reason they make every calculated decision they make: the ballot box. But this time, Republicans could easily flip the script, as the November midterms loom closer and decisions about the 2024 presidential election are already being made.

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it: If Republicans are going to stop the left-wing insanity, they must leave the 2020 election in the past, capitalize on Democrat disasters, and look to the future, including running ads like the following, compliments of the American Action Network.

The smartly produced video, titled, “Tell Congress: Stop Bailing Out Rich Kids,” features actors portraying everyday Americans humorously (think: satire) commenting on Biden’s massive wealth-redistribution scam. Rather than transcribing a portion of it, I’ll just say this: Watch it. Then call Congress: 202-224-3121.



While future, similar ads could focus on any number of Democrat disasters, from Biden’s hellbent quest to destroy America’s energy industry, his continuing border crisis, including the explosion of deadly fentanyl, and multiple other purposely created crises, ads alone don’t win — or lose — elections.

The bottom line:

Republican voters must coalesce, if only for the 2024 presidential election. Factions within the party must stop blaming everyone but themselves for the problems they’ve created. (This is the part where the “Never-Trumper” comments come, which bothers me not, because they’re categorically false.)

Do I have serious doubts about a big Kumbaya moment coming any time soon, much less with sufficient time remaining before 2024? Of course, I do. Do I hope I’m wrong? Hell yes, I do.


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