The Biden WH Insults Our Intelligence With 'Devastatingly' Idiotic Student Debt Plan Defense

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As we’ve previously reported, the Biden White House’s defenses of Joe Biden’s plan to unilaterally “forgive” billions in student loan debts have ranged from incoherent to downright laughable, with Biden himself having to resort to juvenile whataboutism when asked by reporters if he thought this was unfair to the people who had already paid their student loans off without government help.


But their latest defense of Biden doing an illegal end-run around the Congressional legislative process really takes the cake and is perhaps their biggest insult to our intelligence yet on this issue.

In response to numerous Republican members of Congress criticizing the plan and noting that it’s unfair, the White House Twitter account is…. PPP loan shaming them:

The full thread can be read here.

The big problem with their “this you?” game-playing is that it’s a grotesque apples and oranges comparison, because, for starters, unlike Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan the PPP loan program was passed by Congress, and at a time when the government was forcing businesses to either close or severely cut back on their hours and services due to the COVID pandemic. The loans were given (and forgiven) on the condition that they be used to keep the business afloat and workers paid:

I mean the highly disingenuous nature of this line of attack of the White House is just staggering, and that’s saying a lot considering that being disingenuous is a job requirement for Democrats, especially in this administration. Democrats full well know the difference between a PPP loan issued during the pandemic when many businesses didn’t have a choice and a voluntary student loan, but are pretending they don’t because getting “yaass kweened” on Twitter by radical leftists and pretending to own your political opposition is so much more important than the actual facts.


And as if that wasn’t infuriating enough, what’s even more infuriating is finding out that the person who now runs the White House Twitter account is a woke 25-year-old who we’re being told has made their Twitter feed “devastatingly effective”:

Just five years after interning on Phil Murphy’s 2017 gubernatorial campaign, Livingston native Megan Coyne is on her way to the White House.

Coyne, one of the architects of New Jersey’s hugely successful Twitter account with an attitude departed last week as Murphy’s social media director to join the Biden administration.

“It’s an absolute dream come true to be joining the Office of Digital Strategy as Deputy Director of Platforms,” Coyne said on Twitter on Monday. “So excited for the journey ahead.”

Interestingly, Coyne launched this wave of attacks just as another leftist group on Twitter began falsely claiming conservative commentators like Ben Shapiro got PPP loans. Coincidence? Don’t count on it.

In any event, weren’t we promised by Joe Biden that bringing civility and a new tone was going to be a priority for his administration? Why yes, we were:

As I’ve said before about Democrats, if they didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all, and this is a prime example of that.


Now anytime a Republican criticizes a bailout, we can look forward to “but what about your PPP loan??” from the Biden White House, and instead of the mainstream media doing their jobs in pointing out that the two are not remotely the same thing, they’ll remain in full lapdog mode and will dutifully “report” on it as though it’s a completely apt comparison.

Because everything is stupid.

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