Adam Kinzinger Really Wants You to Know Biden's Afghanistan Disaster Was Mostly Trump's Fault

Ting Shen/Pool via AP

To loosely paraphrase a line or two from Tombstone, poor Adam Kinzinger. He can’t help himself; he was born that way. As is the case with his fellow TDS-riddled, pretend-Republican House colleague Liz Cheney, who is likely to get her hat handed to her in Tuesday’s Wyoming primary, the Illinois congressman never misses an opportunity to embarrass himself with his continual attacks against all things Donald Trump.


In this episode, Kinzinger really took it to the paint, “commemorating” on Monday the one-year anniversary of Joe Biden’s inexcusable Afghanistan withdrawal disaster — by doing his damnedest to convince us that despite the major beatdown and loss of political capital suffered by Biden, the withdrawal was mostly Trump’s fault, No, really. Check it out:

Do not let my colleagues pretend today that Trump and Pompeo didn’t set in motion the Afghanistan withdrawal. They did.

I knew Pompeo in the house. [sic] He was a hawk on Afghanistan until trump. [sic]

He knew better, he owns this as well.

Trump Pompeo and Biden all to blame. [sic]

Can you spell “delusional hatred”? I’m surprised Kinzinger mentioned Biden at all.

Incidentally, anyone who knows a modicum amount about Mike Pompeo, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and secretary of State under Trump, knows full well that the West Point and Harvard Law school standout is unlikely to be fundamentally swayed by those of lesser intelligence, much less be turned from a so-called “hawk” into a “dove” by Donald Trump. Sorry, Adam, that dog won’t hunt.


Joe Biden alone ignored the advice of his top generals, left Afghanistan officials and our NATO allies in the dark, and abandoned untold numbers of American civilians behind the lines of the most brutal terrorist regime on the planet — not Donald Trump. Politically driven Biden bypassed his military advisors and abandoned Trump’s pullout plan, leading to the worst U.S. military and foreign policy disaster in decades.

Make no mistake: Biden — and Biden alone — is to blame for the Afghanistan debacle, regardless of protestations to the contrary of obsessed, irrelevant Trump-haters like whiny Adam Kinzinger.

Here are a few of my favorite Twittersphere responses to Kinginger’s foolishness:

Exactly. Biden has repeatedly nullified Trump’s directives since his first day in office, including killing the Keystone XL Pipeline project, rejoining the ridiculous Paris Climate Accord, and reviving the previously failed Iran nuclear talks. The notion that he could not have pulled off a “reset” on a withdrawal from Afghanistan was preposterous at the time — and it is preposterous still.


Bingo. A 10th-grader, presented with basic facts, could have figured out that abandoning Bagram  Air Base and relying on the Kabul Airport to evacuate thousands was a terrible tactical mistake. Yeah, Joe did that, Adam — not Trump.

Yup. And Liz Cheney was unavailable for comment.

The humorous fact is that both Kinzinger and Cheney have been so consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they’ve flushed their respective political careers down the toilet in the process. Don’t get me wrong; if these two pretend-Republicans have been voting and speaking their consciences, fine. But not as members of the House Republican Caucus.


Therein lies the question: Why have they continued to sit on the wrong side of the aisle?


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