Whew! Pelosi Assures Us 'Mother Earth' Is Less 'Angry' Since Democrats Passed 'Inflation Reduction Act'

Democratic National Convention via AP

In today’s episode of Democrats and the Existential Threat to Mankind…

Nancy Pelosi increasingly continues to reach beyond her “normal” loony self, prattling on about one nutty thing after another. In this silly episode, Madam Speaker assures America that Mother Earth is apparently pretty dang happy right now — at least less “angry” — because House Democrats have apparently saved the planet (temporarily, of course) by passing their ridiculously-named “Inflation Reduction Act.”


Following the House passage of the bill on Friday along party lines, Pelosi questioned how Republicans could vote against the supposed inflation reduction legislation.

How can they vote against the planet? Mother Earth — Mother Earth — gets angry from time to time, and this legislation will help us address all of that.

Just me, or did Nancy sound like she’d had few? Nah, no way.

So, I’m confused, Madam Speaker. A recent survey found that 94 percent of Americans are concerned with inflation, while two other recent polls found that an increasing number are pulling the plug on the left-wing-created “climate crisis.” Both polls found “climate change” ranked 11th on a list of registered voters’ top concerns. While “Mother Earth” might be giddy about your monstrous $430 billion nod to climate alarmists, clearly the American people are not. Can you explain that, Nancy?

While you’re at it, Madam Speaker, can you also explain why more than 230 economists have declared that the Inflation Reduction Act is expected to contribute to skyrocketing inflation and will further burden the U.S. economy, contrary to your claims and those of Joe Biden? I’ll wait.

Pelosi being Pelosi, she also lied her head off in a statement to her “dear colleagues,” writing, in part:


Dear Democratic Colleague,

Today is a day of extraordinary progress for America’s families, as we send to President Biden the Inflation Reduction Act to be signed into law. Thank you to all of our Members for the unity, optimism, and persistence you have brought to this fight. This historic achievement would not have been possible without the leadership of House Democrats, who laid the foundation for many of the life-saving and life-changing provisions in this bill.

Analysis: Complete crock of crap. Madam Speaker continued:

Proudly, this legislation is a giant step forward in President Biden and Democrats’ relentless commitment to justice: from economic and health equity to tax fairness to environmental justice.  And in keeping with Democrats’ fiscal responsibility, all of these monumental investments are fully paid for – ensuring the biggest corporations and ultra-rich tax cheats pay their fair share.

This resounding victory For The People is a fitting capstone to a momentous week.  President Biden signed into law the CHIPS and Science Act to ensure America wins the 21st Century; the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO to bolster our defense of Democracy; and the PACT Act to honor our duty to care for our heroic veterans.

As we return home for the District Work Period, we must follow the guidance of the DPCC to communicate the many benefits of Democrats’ People Over Politics Agenda.  To that end, Members are encouraged to hold events in your districts celebrating the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, explaining what this landmark legislation means to America’s working families and pushing back against our Republican colleagues’ desperate and disingenuous falsehoods.


Analysis: An even larger complete crock of crap. This 82-year-old woman has been spewing propagandist tripe like this for so long that I actually think she believes it.

Finally, Madam Speaker’s sign-off:

Thank you for your leadership to put People Over Politics.


Apologies if you spit whatever you might be drinking all over your screen with that one.

The bottom line:

Aside from Pelosi and Biden, both of whom appear to be in a constant state of all the light might be on, but nobody’s home, Democrat lawmakers for the large part are fully aware that the left-wing propaganda they continue to peddle to their low-information base — aided by a useful-idiot lapdog media who do their bidding without question — is a bunch of nonsense, designed solely to benefit leftist elitist policies.

Always has been the case; always will be the case.


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