Democrats Doomed: New Poll Reveals 94% of Americans Are Concerned With Inflation, Majority Believe Republicans Can Fix It

If Democrats were holding any hope that the midterms wouldn’t be too bad, then their optimism is going to take something of a hit with this latest poll from the Washington Post/ABC.


The poll measures how well President Joe Biden and his administration are doing in terms of various issues and suffice to say, hardly any of it is good news. One thing, in particular, is the concern over the rising inflation hitting our economy.

A whopping 94 percent of respondents said they were concerned with 44 percent of adults saying they were “upset” about it and 50 percent saying they were concerned but not upset. Only six percent said they weren’t concerned.

That news by itself is pretty bad, especially considering the fact that an economy doing badly puts the party in charge on the backfoot during elections and gives a very strong talking point to the opposing party. It gets even worse when the opposition party, the Republicans, seem to have the trust of the people to fix the problem.

According to the poll, 50 percent of respondents said they trusted Republicans to handle the economy better than Democrats who got 36 percent of the vote. On inflation, the numbers go down for Democrats to only 31 percent while Republicans hold steady at 50 percent.

Democrats have done their absolute best to distance themselves from the inflation their party created, including isolating the Biden administration from other Democrats and placing the blame on it. The White House, meanwhile, has attempted to rebrand inflation as “Putin’s prices” in order to deflect blame to Russia.


It’s clearly not a strategy that’s working as Americans are turning their backs on Democrats and putting their confidence in Republicans. When midterms roll around the Democrats will have to face down their part in a failing economy on top of many other issues that the left has caused, including open borders, hard-left indoctrination in schools, and rising crime rates.

This isn’t to say Republicans should get comfortable. There is a lot of football left to play before the final whistle is blown and all Democrats have to do is stumble on the right messaging to convert just enough voters to their side to prevent a catastrophic loss. To be sure, Democrats have stirred up entire movements to sway elections and while these movements usually result in communities being razed to the ground, they’re still effective.

This isn’t even considering the habit of Republicans snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Overall, Republicans would be wise to hammer home the Democrat’s fault for the economy and the out-of-control left that has attempted to seize ownership of everything from our culture to our children. This especially goes for the economy.


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