'Morning Joe' Ridiculously Accuses Republicans of Supporting 'Rapists' Over Women's Rights

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinksi. Mr. and Mrs. Mika. MSNBC’s Dynamic Duo of Journalism.

Call them what you want — as untold numbers of rational Americans have — the “Morning Joe” co-hosts have provided more material to political pundits over the years than we can remember. Always predictable, never rational, the twin masters of leftist drivel have never failed to disappoint.


As we reported, on Wednesday, Kansas voters this week rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would have overturned a state supreme court ruling that manufactured a right to abortion in the Kansas constitution. Rather than simply celebrating a surprise win for abortion rights, and any good leftist would (and did) do — not to mention a potentially tough sign for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections — Joe and Mika of course railed against Republicans in typical fashion — by lying their heads off.

Joe kicked off the festivities, as transcribed by NewsBusters Grab a tissue; you might burst into tears — of incredulous laughter.

It—it—it was really a night. There’s a massive headline though coming out of Kansas, a massive headline that is reverberating around Washington this morning in both Democratic and Republican circles. And that, of course, has to do with the Kansas voters’ decision to just say no to Republican legislators, deciding the future of — of decisions that are made by their wives, by their daughters, by their loved ones.

And—and it’s astounding. This comes from a state that voted overwhelmingly to protect—you know, it doesn’t — I don’t —  you don’t really even say abortion rights, to protect the rights of women to have control over their own bodies instead of state legislators, who have just been extreme and radical across America, whether it’s forcing a 10-year-old girl to flee her state after being raped, whether it’s Texas Republicans deciding that they want to retain the right to let mothers die on operating tables.


Incidentally, the ridiculous “keep you bans off my body” (or “my body, my choice“) is a leftist buzz phrase. The elitists at the top of the left-wing food chain know damn well that pro-lifers have no desire to “control” women’s bodies; it is the innocent body within a woman’s body — the most helpless among us — that right-to-life advocates seek to protect.

Then Scarborough went full-bore Scarborough, waxing dishonest:

You—you—you go—I mean, my God, in—in other states, I mean, I saw a debate on a state legislative floor where – they were actually in Idaho talking about the right of rapists’ relatives to sue a woman who was raped, to sue a rape victim and get $20,000 per rapist relative.

This is the crazy stuff that — this is the Republican Party of 2022, Mika. And you look in Kansas, and the Kansas voters, even people who are pro-life said “no, we’re not going in that radical, freakish direction.” And, really, quickly, just about Kansas, they haven’t voted for a Democratic candidate for president in over 50 years.

In reference to Idaho, Scarborough was either purposely lying, ignorant of the relative facts, or both.

In March, the Idaho House passed a bill that allows family members of the fetus — including family members of a rapist — to sue abortion providers for up to four years after the procedure, for a minimum of $20,000 in damages. While the legislation stipulated that rapists themselves could not sue providers, Vanity Fair (of course) took the clause to the extreme.


While Idaho has so humanely said that the rapists themselves could not sue, under the proposed legislation, they could get their parents and siblings to do so, as well as the would-be brothers and sisters of the fetus in question. Oh, and apparently nothing in the bill would prevent a rapist with, say, 10 siblings from having every single one of them sue individually and then collecting their cash.

That is the same nonsensical deduction Joe Scarborough wants America to believe. He spewed for a bit more, then Mika chimed in, then back to her hubby who finally declared:

A rapist bill of rights for forced childbirth on children. This is the Republican Party in 2022. And even in a pro-life state, even in a Republican state that hasn’t elected a Democratic president in 50 years, they are repulsed by the radicalism of this new Republican Party.

A rapist bill of rights for forced childbirth on children. How obscene— and they know it.

And these disingenuous — at best — “journalists” wonder why rational people don’t take them seriously.

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