WH Tries Shamefully Ignorant Gaslighting Effort Over SCOTUS Decision on Abortion

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

I think many on the left still have no understanding of what the SCOTUS decision that overturned Roe v. Wade means.

Unfortunately, it looks like among the people who are ignorant on the subject are Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.


“I don’t think the Supreme Court or for that matter Congressional Republicans – who for decades have pushed their extremist agenda – have a clue about the power of American women,” Biden said. “Last night in Kansas they found out.” Biden was referencing the decision in Kansas that rejected an amendment that would have weakened protections for abortion.

Then there was White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

She said Biden had predicted that “people would turn out in record numbers to reclaim rights stolen from them, and they did.”

Um, guys? The Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson didn’t ban abortion, they sent it back to the states to decide. So Kansas, whether one likes the decision or not, did exactly what the Supreme Court decision allowed for. Not only didn’t the Supreme Court steal any “rights,” they ensured that the rights were back where they should have been all along — with the women and the others who voted. Neither Biden nor Jean-Pierre even understands the decision. Or they’re just trying to gaslight everyone about what it said.


Jean-Pierre didn’t leave it there. She doesn’t seem to understand the purpose of the Supreme Court or how the government works.

Noted legal scholar KJP even claimed, “From day one, when the Supreme Court made this extreme decision to take away a constitutional right, it was an unconstitutional action by them.” It’s the Supreme Court’s job to determine what is constitutional, not Jean-Pierre’s job. The Supreme Court wasn’t extreme. Indeed, it was the Court that originally passed Roe that was the “activist” Court passing a right that didn’t exist in the Constitution. This was again just handing it back to state legislatures and the people where it belonged, to begin with. I don’t think she understands what a constitutional right is. I think she’s trying for the Paul Krugman award for how many times someone can just be incredibly wrong. If there was an award for shamelessness, this might win.


Jean-Pierre’s comment even sparked a reaction from Fox’s Bret Baier, who found it eyebrow-raising.

Hopefully, we can boot as many Democrats out of power in November as possible to put as much of a check on these crazy people as we can.


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