MSNBC's Joy Reid Makes Ridiculous Claim About GOP Ownership of Women as Roe Meltdown Continues

Joy Reid, principally “renowned” as the Race-Hustler Extraordinaire™ of MSNBC, is also quite adept at turning a histrionic, lie-filled phrase on anything else related to radical-left causes.


Reid’s “talent” was on full display on Monday’s episode of “The ReidOut,” as the fearmongering host ridiculously warned that, as a result of the overturn of Roe, the Republican Party has now taken ownership of half the women in America. Who knew? Other than Joy Reid and her radical-left colleagues, I mean?

Let’s remember before we continue: The Roe v. Wade overturn did not “outlaw abortion”; it correctly returned the abortion issue to the states and their elected officials. In other words, five associate justices righted a wrong: the 1973 adoption [no pun intended] of Roe.

So, as reported and transcribed by NewsBusters, here’s how Reid’s latest silly temper tantrum went down:

After a panel debate over how much Roe might hurt Republican candidates in the November midterms — they all agreed the overturn will do great damage to the GOP, of course — Reid launched into an “unhinged and dangerous” tirade, as described by NewsBusters.

[T]he difference between voters on the right and voters on the left [is] voters on the right never give up. They don’t get tired. Decade after decade they lost and lost and lost until they won.

And in the process, … took over state houses, State Senates. And Governorships so they are positioned to now take ownership of about half the women in this country. 48 percent of the women now live in red states.


Memo to Joy Reid: You just described exactly how democratic elections are supposed to work. Voters vote for candidates and/or political parties based on their — voters — beliefs. There are multiple reasons voters vote Republican — or Democrat — none of which we will waste time or space discussing, here. Bottom line: Get over the democratic process. Oh, and continue to play stupid games, like supporting on-demand abortion until birth? You’re going to continue to win stupid prizes — and lose elections.

As is usually the case, Reid grew crazier the longer she blathered. Emphasis, mine:

So you’re talking about the fact that those [Republican] state legislatures, at least according to the Supreme Court, the women in those states are their property and they can do whatever they want.

And so now it’s about trying to convince voters you’re going to need to switch those people out and vote in prosecutors who won’t prosecute you and State Reps and Senators who won’t destroy you and Governors who won’t veto your rights.

And there it is, America, the Republican Party has taken ownership — “property,” as Joyless Joy stupidly said — of half the women in America. And to think: Joy Reid isn’t even a biologist. Speaking of which, ain’t that something? Pending-SCOTUS Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was completely incapable of defining “woman” during her Senate confirmation hearings, yet now, every left-winger in America knows damn well what a woman is, thank you very much. The hypocrisy runs deep in these people, RedStaters.


Reid of course is far from the Lone Ranger of Post-Roe Histrionics, as left-wing pro-abortionists across the fruited plain continue to trot out hysterical comment after hysterical comment. Why it’s “almost” like the pro-abortion crowd tries to top the last vile and/or histrionic comment they hear or read.

Here are a few of my faves:

“I would get pregnant just to kill it.”

I am fairly passionate about my political positions and more than ready to debate them, with facts, as strongly as necessary. But this? How can this be described as anything but immoral and purposely vile?

The “ripping out my uterus” nonsense, with this one being among the “best”:

stabbing and ripping out my own uterus outside of the supreme court to traumatize them and change the course of their life indefinitely.

Again, I simply cannot imagine being consumed by so much rage and bitterness.

And how about this “parent of the year,” standing next to her own young children and saying the following?


The looks on the faces of her kids say it all.


As I have said, more times than I can remember and will undoubtedly say many more times to come, the hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. Toss in the vile, unhinged bitterness over the Supreme Court of the United States correctly playing the role of arbitrer of the U.S. Constitution, and there you have it:

Today’s very radical — and very dangerous — left.

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