Professor Blasts Fox, Tells Students to Watch 'Actual, Honest-to-God, Professional News' Like MSNBC

Let me know when you’ve stopped laughing and we’ll continue…

We good? OK, let us proceed. In one of the most hilarious, totally delusional stories to come out of the no-longer-hallowed halls of academia in recent memory, an elitist professor — with a straight face, mind you — admonished his students to watch “actual, honest-to-God, edited, professional news” like MSNBC; particularly, if they’re “gonna watch Fox, especially at night.”


Is that stand-up-comedy-quality stuff or what?

As reported by Breitbart News, Wayne State Professor Michael Fayz told his Business Law and Ethics students, in a video provided to Breitbart News by Young America’s Foundation:

If you’re like me, go watch MSNBC. If you’re gonna watch Fox, especially at night, then you need to go watch half an hour of something that’s actually true.

At least one of the students, as transcribed by Breitbart, anonymously told Young America’s Foundation he didn’t think it was the professor’s place to tell his student which news outlets to watch and which to avoid.

I don’t think that it is a professor’s job to tell students what news to watch. I find it particularly inappropriate to do so in the first class of the semester.

It gets worse. According to Breitbart, one student said of Fayz on a professor-rating website: “If you don’t agree with him politically, get ready for him to grade you down.”

So here’s the thing: Fayz, as one professor is irrelevant — other than to the students he tries to manipulate and apparently “grades down” if they disagree with him. But, as YAF spokeswoman Kara Zupkus told Breitbart, the elitist professor is far from the Lone Ranger.

This professor’s intolerance of conservatives is sadly commonplace in classrooms across the nation. Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line will continue to expose these left-wing hacks and hold them accountable for their indoctrination and attempts at indoctrination.


Anyway, speaking of MSNBC and its actual, honest-to-God, professional news, is this guy serious? I mean, as it relates to Fox News, Sean Hannity, for example, is not a pillar of unbiased professionalism, but then again, it’s not his job — he’s a pundit. As is the case with Don Lemon on CNN and race-baiter extraordinaire Joy Reid on MSNBC. But how about Nicole Wallace, for example?

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald — I believe he’s the best in the business — recently did a Substack piece titled The Typhoid Mary of Disinformation”: Nicolle Wallace. Nobody Spreads it More Relentlessly, in which he observed:

From her days as Bush/Cheney propagandist, to her stint on “The View,” to her role as beloved-by-Democrats MSNBC host, Wallace has perfected the art of sociopathic lying.

Greenwald obviously lacks the objectivity and depth of knowledge of Professor Fayz. </super snark>

And MSNBC as a whole? A few recent RedState headlines tell you everything you need to know about that outfit’s “honest-to-God professionalism”:

Joy Reid Says World Only Cares About Ukraine Because It’s ‘White and Largely Christian’

MSNBC Host Warns of ‘Real and Devastating Consequences’ of ‘Letting People Run Wild’ With Free Speech


Joy Reid Show Tells Blatant Lie About the Death of Officer Brian Sicknick

The bottom line:

From gender identity in kindergarten to Critical Race Theory in middle school, to which news networks to watch in college, the leftist elitists in America continue to do their damnedest to program America’s youth. Parents must get involved and stay involved in the education of their kids. These people must be stopped in their tracks. Loudoun County parents taking it to the school board — hard — was a good place to start.

We must not let up —for one simple reason: They sure as hell will not.


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