MSNBC Host Warns of 'Real and Devastating Consequences' of 'Letting People Run Wild' With Free Speech

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Houston, we have a problem. Let me rephrase that: America, the left-wing sockpuppet media has a problem — a problem that has now reached Planet Looney Tunes levels of panicked hysteria.


The best part of all? The histrionics have also reached pay-per-view quality level, but it’s all free!

The latest unintentional comedian was none other than MSNBC anchor Katy Tur, who has been making a fool out of herself for years. Tur’s effort came on Thursday, as the left’s meltdown continued, first over Elon Musk acquiring 9.2 percent of Twitter, then reaching cataclysmic proportions when Musk announced a hostile takeover bid of the social media giant known for censoring conservative content at the drop of a left-wing hat, while allowing the Taliban, for example, to continue to spew its radical propaganda at will.

In a nutshell, while Musk warns that the future of democracy is at stake if free speech is suppressed, Tur and her fellow left-wing media lapdogs warn that free speech itself is a threat to democracy — a ridiculous notion made even more ridiculous by the realization that these purposely deluded people actually believe it.

During a segment with tech “journalist” Kara Fisher about the coming armageddon if Musk is successful in his bid to acquire Twitter, as transcribed by The Blaze, Tur played the hysteria card right off the bat:


There are real and devastating consequences for using that platform to lie, and we’ve seen it happen.

Translation: There are real and devastating consequences for left-wing narrative lies if anyone armed with facts, data, logic, or common sense is allowed to counter leftist propaganda. Oh, and Fisher, of course, agreed with Tur’s silly assessment.

Tur then went full-metal jacket hyperbolic, stammering:

I wonder. You know in talking about this, you know, it’s kinda funny, oh, Elon Musk wants to buy it, but there are massive, life and globe-altering consequences for just letting people run wild on the thing.

Oh, for sure. I mean, what could be more “funny” than “letting people run wild” with free speech? (George Orwell was seen nodding in furious approval.) While hilarious, that last part is also ominous as hell. The realization — which is not new but is insidiously growing more ominous — is upon us.

That the left would suppress conservative thought across the board in a heartbeat if it could get away with it is truly chilling — which could not more clearly demonstrate the critical importance of the Republican Party coming together in 2024 — even if collective noses across America must be held to do so — and making damn sure the Democrats do not hold the White House for another four years.


This is real stuff. While hilarious in its blatant bias now, history has shown us time and again that when radical leftism is allowed to metastasize within a society unchecked, by the time “the masses” realize the consequences, it is often too late.

In the meantime, #FJB and right-on, Elon!

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