Fox News Medical Contributor Blasts 'The View' for 'Instilling Fear' Over the Queen's COVID Diagnosis

Sunny Hostin of "The View," screenshot. Credit: ABC/The View

I don’t know about you, but when I’m jonesing for a healthy dose of comedic political stupidity, the first place I look is the most recent episode of “The View.” Reason being, the lady geniuses of the ridiculous talk show take stupidity strong to the paint — every damn day.


Tuesday’s episode did not disappoint. First, a bit of background.

As reported by the BBC on Sunday, 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is “experiencing mild cold-like symptoms” after contracting COVID. The BBC noted that a number of people have tested positive at Windsor Castle, where the Queen resides, including Prince Charles. The monarch expects to continue “light duties,” “receive medical attention,” and “follow all the appropriate guidelines.” In other words, yawn.

Like clockwork, our intrepid emerging and infectious diseases experts — Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sarah Haines, and Sunny Hostin — promptly discussed whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson should remove COVID-19 mandates for the U.K, as announced on Monday, in light of the news of the Queen’s diagnosis.

My favorite quote from the clip below comes from the brilliant Sunny Hostin:

It’s kind of tone-deaf, right, at this point, to announce this on the eve of the Queen announcing that she’s contracted COVID — I mean, they have one job. And that’s to protect the Queen, and they couldn’t even do that.


Um, Sunny? “Tone-deaf,” babe? Got a mirror handy, by chance?

To label the below commentary comedy gold would be an understatement.

One relative expert who didn’t see the above commentary as comedy gold was Fox News medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, who on Wednesday blasted Whoopi & Co.’s “ridiculous” drivel, as transcribed by Fox News:

It’s ridiculous. Really. You know you have to take into consideration the words that could potentially be causing and instilling fear in others. Look I think what Boris Johnson has done is perfectly correct. That’s what the United States should be doing.

[Queen Elizabeth] likely picked up omicron from her son because it’s extremely contagious. She did what she had to do, she’s triple vaccinated, and her symptoms are mild.

You see that the level of positive cases in the community is extremely low and almost gone. We have to scale back our mitigation efforts. We can’t live with masks and mandates forever.


Amen to the good doctor’s last line.

The bottom line:

To be sure, “The View” geniuses have, time and time again, gotten out over their low-information left-wing skis on any number of issues, taking turns embarrassing the hell out of themselves, individually.

But when the addled, old clueless dude in the White House histrionically warns of a “winter of severe illness and death” for the unvaxxed, and the COVID Gnome Anthony Fauci declares “I am science,” only to continually attempt to move the science goal posts, is it any wonder loons like the ladies of “The View” follow in these ridiculous footsteps like the silly leftist lemmings they are?

No, it isn’t.


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