'The View' Geniuses Go Full Metal Stupid When Guest Co-Host Takes Stand Against Vaccine Mandates

Peter Kramer

In this episode of “Mensa Moments with Whoopi & Company,” the renowned geniuses of “The View,” pretend-experts on all things COVID-19, lose their crap when guest co-host NBC sportscaster Michele Tafoya has the audacity to take a strong stand against vaccine mandates, resulting in the aforementioned morons geniuses calling Tafoya “selfish.” Not quite pay-per-view-quality, but entertaining just the same.


The fun began on Tuesday’s episode of the critically acclaimed [sarc] program during a discussion on whether the Atlanta Braves should change their name — they should not — as reported by Fox News, and drop their famous “tomahawk chop” cheer, exacerbated by the Devil’s Spawn and Mrs. Devil’s Spawn attending Game 4 of the World Series in Atlanta, and doing the chop as they cheered on the Braves.

Anyway, “The View” being “The View,” the conversation shifted toward COVID and vax mandates.

Co-host Sara Haines kicked off the festivities. (Emphasis, mine.)

“Right now when I see this playing out, it reminds me of the pandemic. [Opposition to changes for the Braves] At this point, this is people doubling down on political loyalty and ideology. You tell me we can’t do it, we will do it louder and more forcefully.”

Tafoya wasn’t buying.

“Well there is a phenomenon of when you try to tell people what to do, or what to take, or what to inject in their bodies, there’s a natural psychological phenomenon to say, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Wait a minute. Why are you telling me what to do?”

“Whoa” is right, Michele — these are the geniuses of “The View” you’re dealing with, here.


Whoopi was next out of the gate, ridiculously comparing COVID vaccine mandates to abortion.

“People want me to respect the fact that they don’t want to get a shot, they don’t want to hear not to do the chop, and they’re happy if I just shut up and go away, but I can’t do that because you’re trying to get in my body now and tell me I can’t have an abortion because you don’t want to have one.”

No, Whoopi, we don’t want you to murder helpless unborn children under the obscene mantle of “women’s health care,” or as Joe Biden calls on-demand abortion, an “essential healthcare service” — and not to be outdone, “deeply Catholic” Nancy Pelosi refers to late-term abortion as “sacred ground.”

Joy Behar, being the magnificent the buffoon she is, cluelessly spouted off about no one knowing how long immunity lasts after Tafoya described a close family member who built up his natural immunity and subsequently refused to be vaccinated.

Unfortunately for Joyless, Michele Tafoya has something she doesn’t. (See: “Wizard of Oz,” “Scarecrow.”]

“He’s been to a doctor. Look, shouldn’t this be between him and his doctor as well? His physician is telling him, ‘You’re in great shape. I can measure your immunity, you’re fine. So I think that there are alternatives. I don’t think it has to be one or the other. I think some people are fine getting tested every single day.”

At that point, Behar had the right to remain silent. Unfortunately, she did not have the ability to remain silent, instead choosing to open her idiotic mouth again, saying: “So isn’t it easier just to get the damn shot than to be tested every minute?


Personally, I would have buried the loudmouthed moron in three seconds, which Tafoya, to her credit, chose not to do — instead, trying a bit of tact.

“Well, it depends who you are. I mean, for you, maybe, but for other people, yes. Stick that thing up my nose I don’t care.”

“Critically-acclaimed immunologist” Haines then jumped back in, admonishing Tafoya about the “problem” with individual liberties and freedom of choice — which is exactly where she lost me.

“We’re allowing this virus to keep mutating, which betrays the people that chose to have the vaccine, and possibly the immunity he got naturally because as it morphs and changes we’re keeping it alive. And there are people that are at risk even after taking the vaccine.”

Um, Sara? You do realize what you said, right? Since the virus “keeps mutating,” people who’ve been vaccinated are still at risk. So then what, we continue with vaccine booster shots until the end of mankind?

Finally, the wise words of Sunny Hostin, who promptly dropped the “selfish” card on Tafoya:

“What we’re talking about is public health. It’s not only about you. It’s about the public. So you can’t just make a decision for yourself. You have to make a decision with other people in mind. And in my view, it’s very selfish to decide only based on yourself.”


Yeah, Sunny, how selfish of those who oppose a federal government that still doesn’t get COVID right ordering Americans to inject drugs into their bodies about which we still don’t know the potential risks or long-term repercussions.

Oh, and Michele Tafoya is vaccinated, View Fools™.

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