Eighth-Grade Class Asked to Reveal Favorite Sex Acts — Using Pizza Toppings as Metaphors

Eighth-Grade Class Asked to Reveal Favorite Sex Acts — Using Pizza Toppings as Metaphors

Let me kick this thing off by admitting that I am an insufferable pizza snob. This has absolutely no significance to the topic at hand. But, hey, why miss the opportunity to spread the word?

Having grown up in Greater Chicagoland — get over yourselves, New-York-style pizza people — I could not be pickier about my choice in pizza. First of all, pizza neophytes, Chicago-style pizza does not only refer to deep-dish pizza. On the contrary. Chicago-style, thin-crust pizza is, in my not-humble-at-all opinion, God’s pizza. Now, on to the gist — and perverted collective minds of the left — of the story at hand.

As first reported by Parents Defending Education (PDE), eighth-grade students in Connecticut were given a sex-ed assignment asking them to describe their sexual “likes” and “dislikes” by choosing various pizza toppings as metaphors. Yeah.

Ready? For example, olives stood for “giving oral.” Presumably to another eighth-grader.

Check it out, via PDE:

“Now that you know this metaphor for sex, let’s explore your preferences! Draw and color your favorite type of pizza,” the assignment said. “What’s your favorite style of pizza? Your favorite toppings? What are your pizza no-nos? Now mirror these preferences in relation to sex!”

Just me, or does it “almost” seem like the left is obsessed with sex in a perverse manner? Particularly as it relates to children. Then the question becomes why?

That’s a topic for another article, but I see it as a means to an end in the twisted mindset of the left. Desensitizing kids when they’re young (I envision these despicable people believing), paves the way for indoctrinating the young into accepting — if not approving and/or participating in — other perverse beliefs and activities of the radical-left, hopefully throughout their lives.

Anyway, as one might expect — a normal, properly-balanced one, that is — parents en masse were outraged over the assignment, as reported by Patch, as evidenced by the packed house at Tuesday’s school board meeting.

A packed house of Enfield parents and residents jammed into a Board of Education meeting in the Council Chambers at town hall Tuesday night to make their voices heard regarding the current mask mandate in schools, as well as a controversial assignment in an eighth-grade sex education class involving pizza as a metaphor.

As is always the case when schools and school boards get caught with their narrative-driven pants down, the school superintendent claimed the assignment was posted “by mistake” — which raises the musical question, Why was it created in the first place?

This statement from Superintendent of Schools Chriz [sec] Drezek was priceless, as transcribed by Patch:

The simple truth is it was a mistake. I know there are some who may not believe that [ya think?], I know there are some who don’t necessarily want that answer [zackly; they want the truth], but this is a longtime great staff member.

There was no hidden agenda [bullcrap], there was no secret cabal to indoctrinate kids on something [“no cabal,” fine. no attempt to indoctrinate, nonsense].

They sent the wrong document. [Why did they have the “wrong document” in the first place?] None of us are happy that it happened [none of you are happy that you got caught], and no one feels worse than the person that did it [for getting caught, not for doing it].

I owe it to that person to stand up here and tell them, I’ve got your back on this one [of course you do; you’re pulling this out of your butt]. I’m moving on, for them and for the 5,000 kids we’ve got to worry about.

So, parents are just simply supposed to “move on,” too? And their children, as well? What, until the next time such an “accident” occurs? And, Superintendant Drezek, as is the case every single time crap like this happens, you are sorry you got caught — not sorry for what you did.

And according to Patch, parents weren’t buying, rejecting Drezek’s ridiculous explanation outright.

“This assignment is prompting kids to become sexually active before their time,” parent Tracey Jarvis told the board, according to WVIT-TV.

Here’s another unhappy parent:

The bottom line:

How many of us would be uncomfortable as adults if our bosses passed out an exercise during a business meeting asking us to reveal our personal sexual “likes” and “dislikes”? Via pizza toppings? Or any other way? I suspect most of us.

Yet, the left continues to get caught in this crap, time and time again, only to escape with an apology for “the mistake.” It is past time for heads to roll. Accepting the same rote apologies, over and over, and expecting different results? Yep, insanity. We must stop them; they will not stop themselves.

Incidentally, on God’s pizza? I prefer sausage only. Moreover, I’m pleased to announce that my choice has nothing to do with my sexual — oh, never mind.

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