New 'Blue's Clues' Episode Takes Place at a Pride Parade, Offers Sing-A-Long About Bisexuality and Pansexuality

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The culture is changing, and with it goes children’s entertainment.

Yahoo News reports, “Blue’s Clues is getting ready for Pride Month.”

For those unfamiliar with the 1996-2002 TV titan, here’s Wikipedia:

The show follows an animated blue-spotted dog named Blue as she leaves a trail of clues/paw prints for the host and the viewers to figure out her plans for the day.

Per The Movie DB, the original Blue’s Clues became television’s highest-rated program for preschoolers.

In 2019, it was rebooted; and for June, the production’s doing something special.

Tykes will be treated to what Yahoo calls “an adorable new sing-along” with cartoon guest Nina West — an animated version of the real-life drag queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Here’s Nina in the flesh…

…and Ms. West with wee singers celebrating, “Drag is Magic”:

Fast-forward to the magic of animation — Nina’s gets even more colorful:

In the show, Nina leads preschool viewers in a song at a Pride Parade:

Hey, Blue. Look at all these families.
Hi, families. It’s time for a Pride Parade…

Families marching one by one
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Families marching one by one
Hurrah! Hurrah!

This family has two mommies
They love each other so proudly
And they all go marching in
The Big Parade

Yahoo describes it thusly:

The Blue’s Clues sing-along video showcases families with two moms, two dads…and bi parents as they make their way through the parade route, flags flying proudly.

Other verses:

This family has two daddies
They love each other so proudly
And they all go marching in
The Big Parade

These Babas are nonbinary
They love each other so proudly
And they all go marching in
The Big Parade

Trans members of this family
All love each other so proudly
And they all go marching in
The Big Parade

Children’s shows are evolving.

For instance, Nickelodeon’s new Rugrats reboot features a single lesbian mother to toddler twins.

As for social progress, Blue’s Clues doesn’t leave it to a clue or two:

Allies to the queer community
Can love their queer friends so proudly
And they all go marching in
The Big Parade

Ace, Bi and Pan grown-ups you see
Can love each other so proudly
And they all go marching in
The Big Parade

For those of you unaware of what that means, makes you an Ace:

[Asexuality/ “ace”] spectrum identities have become the next frontier in terms of understanding the complexities of sexuality, yet myths continue to surround asexuality. In giving asexuality its proper understanding, one of the first myths we need to debunk is the conflation between celibacy and asexuality.

Asexuals often define themselves in terms, such as sex repulsed, sex neutral and sex positive. Sex repulsed asexuals have zero interest in sex, dislike the idea of it and usually don’t have sex.

Sex-neutral asexuals have no feelings toward sex and may have it if desired by a partner as well. Sex-positive asexuals have positive feelings toward sex; however, it must be clearly stated these people still experience no sexual attraction.

Asexuals may also have a sex life due to having a high libidos, and it should be noted that those who have low libidos do (not) have to identify with asexuality.

People within the ace spectrum come up with their own terminology in order to understand the complexities of their identities.

These terms include demisexual (people who only experience sexual attraction after a bond is formed), grey ace (people who experience weak forms of sexual attraction), cupiosexual (people who experience no attraction but still desire to have a sexual relationship for multiple reasons) and lithsexual (people who find that their sexual attraction to some fades after it is reciprocated).

You may not know all the lingo…

…but your kids will.



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