Virginia Public School District Asks 13-Year-Olds About Oral Sex, IUDs and Smoking Crack

I’m not quite sure what happened to school.

The best I can tell, they got rid of it.

Something’s been put in its place, but there’s as of yet no new name.


And where our education revolution’s concerned, Virginia’s been at the forefront.

The state’s Loudoun County has certainly led the charge, but Fairfax County is no slouch.

Case in point: a recent poll given to students as young as 13.

When you were coming up in the classroom, perhaps you were quizzed on math or science.

In Fairfax, other interests abound.

As reported by WJLA, the 2021 Fairfax County Youth Survey is “a collaboration between Fairfax County Government and Fairfax County Public Schools.”

It’ll be offered to 8th, 10th, and 12-graders.

The questionnaire begins with basics — age, grade, identity, and transgender status.

In case the kids are clueless, the inspection schools ’em:

Some people describe themselves as transgender when their sex at birth does not match the way they think or feel about their gender.

“Are you transgender?” it asks.

Four options await:

  • No, I am not transgender
  • Yes, I am transgender
  • I am not sure if I am transgender
  • I do not know what this question is asking

What follows are queries which, not long ago, would’ve resulted in arrest:

  • Have you ever had sexual intercourse?
  • How old were you when you had sexual intercourse for the first time?

Onto a real dishing of details:

  • During your life, with how many people have you had sexual intercourse?
  • During the past three months, with how many people have you had sexual intercourse?

Posed to a 13-year-old, this one might’ve had particular potential for a conclusion incorporating cuffs:

  • Have you ever had oral sex?

A couple more:

  • Did you drink alcohol or use drugs before you had sexual intercourse the last time?
  • The last time you had sexual intercourse, what one method did you or your partner use to prevent pregnancy?

The latter’s multiple choices:

  • I have never had sexual intercourse
  • No method was used to prevent pregnancy
  • Birth control pills
  • Condoms
  • An IUD (such as Mirena or ParaGard) or implant (such as Implanon or Nexplanon)
  • A shot (such as Depo-Provera), patch (such as Ortho Evra), or birth control ring (such as NuvaRing)
  • Withdrawal or some other method
  • Not sure

As noted by Arlington’s ABC7, it’s not “the first time Fairfax County developed and issued a survey like this for students.”

Some questions have involved vaping:


Depression’s been addressed as well:


But asking near-preteens about their sex lives takes the cake.

Even outside of intimacy — though the survey is anonymous — I can’t help but believe those volunteering may easily find themselves feeling undue pressure to confess their sins:

  • How many times in the past year have you said something bad about someone’s race or culture?
  • During the past 30 days, on how many days did you text or e-mail while driving a car or other vehicle?
  • How many times in the past year have you cyberbullied a student attending your school?
  • During the last 12 months, how many times have you helped make sure that all people are treated fairly?

Other oddities:

  • During the past 30 days, how did you usually get the alcohol you drank?
  • During the past 12 months, on how many days did you carry a gun? (Do not count the days when you carried a gun only for hunting or for a sport, such as target shooting.)
  • On how many occasions (if any) have you used cocaine or crack in the past 30 days?

The probe also asks the number of times a student has attempted suicide over the past year.

Options max out at “Six or more.”

The examination ends with question #173, “How honest were you in filling out this survey?”

I’d wish for all students to choose E, “I wasn’t honest at all.” Unless a teen asks for help, most of the subjects — in my view — aren’t any school’s business.


But that’s just me, and I’m old-school — from back when 13-year-olds didn’t have to worry about their crack habits upsetting their IUDs.

It’s a new era, and it’s a new school.

It’s a very, very new school.



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