Democrat Governor Vetoes Bill That Gives Parents a Closer Look at What Their Kids Are Learning

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Why would anyone be opposed to complete transparency of what America’s kids are being taught in school? Particularly, parents? Unless that “anyone” doesn’t want parents to know what their kids are being exposed to. Might it be the same reason teachers unions have long opposed cameras in classrooms?


Pennsylvania Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed legislation Wednesday that would have provided more transparency to parents on the material their kids are being taught.

Or would that be “indoctrinated,” governor?

As reported by Just the News, Wolf argued that the requirements of the bill that would have given parents online access to class material is “overly burdensome” and claimed ulterior motives behind the “dangerous and harmful imposition.”

Oh, please. What a crock of crap.

“Overly burdensome”? On whom? And what is dangerous and harmful about transparency, Gov. Liar? Besides, school administrators would be tasked with providing the online material, not teachers.

Here are a few snippets from Wolf’s disingenuous (bald-faced lying) letter vetoing the bill:

Under the guise of transparency, this legislation politicizes what is being taught in our public schools. State regulations adopted by the State Board of Education already require that public schools provide parents and guardians with course curriculum and instructional materials upon request. In addition, textbooks are adopted by school boards in meetings open to the public.

Therefore, requiring all public schools to publish on their website the details of every textbook, course syllabus, or written summary of each course, and the relevant academic standards for each course is not only duplicative but overly burdensome.


Roll up your pant legs:

This legislation is a thinly veiled attempt to restrict truthful instruction and censor content reflecting various cultures, identities, and experiences. My administration is committed to creating a safe learning environment for all students, and we will not take part in this dangerous and harmful imposition.

No, governor. This is not about censoring “content reflecting various cultures, identities, and experiences,” it is about protecting white kids from being programmed to believe they are inherently racist by virtue of the color of their skin, and that they must spend their lives atoning for their whiteness, in part by being proactively anti-racist — in some warped way decided by the radical left.

The Republican-controlled Pennsylvania General Assembly passed House Bill 1332 last week, which reads, in part:

Beginning with the 2022-23 school year and each year thereafter, a school entity shall post an internet link or title for every textbook used by the school entity, a course syllabus or a written summary of each instructional course and the state academic standards for each instructional course offered by the school entity on its publicly accessible internet website.

Overly burdensome? Dangerous? Harmful?

Republican state Rep. Andrew Lewis said he introduced the legislation in response to parents concerned with what their kids were learning. Is there any wonder? Two words: Loudoun County.

Lewis responded to Wolf’s transparent veto in a Facebook video.


I have heard from parents who did not know what their children would be learning in school until the homework was brought home, and they were surprised and offended by that material,” he said. “I’ve heard from parents who have had to file right-to-know requests when they requested to find out what their kids were learning in school or what their kids were going to be taught in school.

Pennsylvania regulation already requires that school districts make available curricula to parents. The problem is, it doesn’t tell us how they must make that information available. Some schools are telling parents to file right-to-know requests.

Some schools are telling parents you have to schedule a date and time and drive all the way down to the school district to sit down and figure this information out in the middle of hectic and busy schedule.

“It’s unbelievable and it’s antiquated. It’s something that has to change,” Wolf said. He also shot down Wolf’s transparent excuses about cultures and identities.

The bill said nothing about cultures, identities, and experiences. But the governor turned it into a cultural issue in his veto message. It makes no sense.

Of course, that’s what Wolf did. It’s what the left always does. Play the race card. Attempt to freeze the opposition, slapping it with the racist label. The left forgets that some of us have read Alinksy’s book, too.

As insane and threatening to our democracy as the left has become, I still find it amusing that they fail to understand the growing number of Americans who see through their rhetoric.


From support for the Biden Illegal Alien Invasion to opposition to voter ID laws to claiming to be the “party of women’s rights,” yet avid support of biological males destroying females in women’s sports, Democrats support or oppose zero without first calculating which position(s) will best serve them in the voting booth.

Bank that.

It could not be more true.

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