'Let's Go, LeBron!' Kyle Rittenhouse Torches James Over Trial Comments

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Game on, “King” — Kyle’s in the house!

Los Angeles Laker LeBron James might be one of the best players in the history of the National Basketball Association — I have my doubts — but from Black Lives Matter to sucking up to Nike and Communist China to the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted on all charges in the August 2020 shooting deaths of two attackers and wounding of a third in Kenosha last month, this guy has done just about everything he could do to destroy what, at one time, was a positive view from a majority of NBA fans around the league.


Those days are long gone, sports fans.

Thing is, James has an obvious fondness for, how shall we put it, here? Running his mouth about controversial issues — way out over his skis? Yeah, that works. The guy just won’t shut up. In response to Rittenhouse clearly suffering a PTSD breakdown on the witness stand, the “sports hero” mocked:

What tears????? I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court. 🤣🤣🤣

Shame on you, “GOAT” — in your mind. Please.

Welp, now that young Kyle Rittenhouse has been cleared of all charges and can speak his mind about LeBron James and his mouth-running he’s doing just that. In no uncertain terms

Obviously, my headline was (and will forevermore be, in meme lore) a reference to the “F*** Joe Biden!” chant at a NASCAR race that became a worldwide sensation. While “Brandon” doesn’t flow with “James” the way it does with “Biden,” the message remains the same. And far more personal — for good reason.

Rittenhouse told “You Are Here” host Elijah Schaffer he used to be a LeBron James fan.


Operative words: “used to be.”

I was a Lakers fan, too, before he said that. I was really pissed off when he said that because I liked LeBron. And then I’m like, you know what? F*** you, LeBron.

**Warning: rough language**

And oh so well deserved.

As a hilarious aside (remember, the closer to reality satire is, the funnier it is), The Babylon Bee last week dropped a piece titled Rittenhouse Sends LeBron James Some Lemon Drops To Help Him Get Over Covid.

After testing positive for COVID-19, for which he was forced to miss a game, and then returning two negative PCR tests within 48 hours, James whined:

I knew I was going to get cleared. I never ever felt sick at all. I know you can be asymptomatic. But if what I had was a positive COVID test, then what are we doing? What are we talking about?

I thought it was handled very poorly. That’s the part that kind of angered me. I had to figure out a way to get home from Sacramento by myself. They wouldn’t allow anyone to travel with me, no security, no anything.

Oh, the humanity! Poor zillionaire.

Enter, The Bee — and nobody does it better.

Upon hearing of the famed sports celebrity’s plight, Guardian of Kenosha Kyle Rittenhouse was moved with compassion and mailed a box of lemon drops to Lebron to help him recover from COVID.


“I heard you liked these, get well soon,” said a note from Rittenhouse on the package of Lemonheads, “reported” The Bee.

The Lemonheads made LeBron pucker up and cry even more, as he was not used to their incredibly tart flavor. A spokesperson for the player announced he may need to stay out a few additional games to recover.

LeBron James, for all his basketball skills, remains an out-of-touch purposely uninformed fool.

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