WATCH: The Reaction of Kyle Rittenhouse and His Family to the Verdict

Mark Hertzberg /Pool Photo via AP

It’s been a roller coaster following the case involving Kyle Rittenhouse over the past few weeks.

Knowing that the facts should be clear but then also seeing the prosecution just present lie after lie, trying to confuse the jury, from ADA Thomas Binger’s opening statement claiming that Joseph Rosenbaum was being chased by Kyle Rittenhouse to his closing remarks where he lied about the nature of the law — claiming that you don’t have a right to self-defense if you are carrying a gun.


But that set the jury a weighty task. Consider what the jury had to wade through to come to a verdict.

Here, you have a prosecutor trying to confuse you on the facts and the law. Lengthy and certainly confusing jury instructions. Media that has continuously lied about the case. Reports of people wanting to dox you and maybe hurt you, even MSNBC trying to stalk your jury bus. Then, knowing that what you may decide may set off riots in your town, even though you know that’s not supposed to be figuring into your thoughts on the subject.

On top of it all, the life of an 18-year-old hangs in the balance — in your hands. That’s the only thing that you’re really supposed to be considering in this case: do the facts and the law mean that you should acquit in this case? Did he have a proper claim of self-defense?

The videos have been clear for months that it was self-defense, although the media didn’t seem to care about that. The defense alleged that the prosecution had withheld clearer video from them until after the close of evidence in the case. The prosecution tried to obscure the truth, making a ridiculous argument that the video showed Rittenhouse pointing the gun at people and that constituted provocation to make self-defense go away.

When the jury didn’t render a decision right away, some were worried. But the jury questions indicated that it was a jury that intended to be very careful and methodical about things. Indeed, better so, that they have time to carefully go through everything. That’s what you do want in a jury.


After all that, and all we have been covering of the case, I have to say that seeing this video and the emotion of Kyle Rittenhouse when the not guilty verdicts on all counts were read was something to behold. His family are the women in the second row, the ones who are also overwhelmed by emotion. He is just so relieved as he hugs his attorney and the defense attorneys are as well.

Rittenhouse never should have been charged to begin with and hopefully, there’s a reckoning coming with legal action for all the people who defamed him – from Joe Biden right on down through all the slimy people in the media.

But for now, thank God that this young man is free to be with his family.


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