Another Sign POTUS Is in Trouble: From Stadiums to Music Halls, Folks Are Chanting 'F Joe Biden'

Another Sign POTUS Is in Trouble: From Stadiums to Music Halls, Folks Are Chanting 'F Joe Biden'
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If you’re fed up with Joe Biden and his failure of an administration then you’re in good company because it seems people all over America are chanting the same thing; “F*** Joe Biden.”

After his failures at the border, Afghanistan, the economy, COVID-19, and more, it’s clear that Biden just isn’t the guy for the job. Since it’s not yet a presidential election year, the people are expressing their displeasure by utilizing their right to free speech, and boy are they.

So much so that “F Joe Biden” trended number one on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

Clicking on the trending phrase gives you a swatch of videos to watch from various places at various times, be they stadiums, concerts, and even diners. See for yourself.

Obviously, a language warning for what you’re about to see.

This isn’t exactly something Democrats want to see. While Presidential elections are still a few years away, midterms are approaching fast and if Biden isn’t looking good, then the people standing next to him in his party don’t either. A party that encourages and supports this level of incompetence is likely going to suffer losses.

As the Washington Examiner reported last week, the current trend could see the Democrats losing dozens of seats:

Public Opinion Strategies pollster Glen Bolger said it’s easy to track election outcomes to presidential polling, and with Biden’s sinking approval, Democrats are likely to lose about the 41 seats Trump lost, 34 more than the GOP needs to take control. And that’s before House district lines are redrawn to conform to new Census Bureau data.

“As baseball great Yogi Berra famously said, it’s deja vu all over again,” Bolger said in unveiling his cache of new polling data.

If you don’t like a president, then you’d certainly not want to give him more power than he already has. In fact, making him as weak and ineffective as humanly possible would be the order of the day. What better way to deprive him of that power by chanting “F Joe Biden” all the way to the voting booth and stripping his party of the House and Senate? Then, when the time comes, they can strip him of his job too.

These midterms are swiftly becoming the Republican Party’s to win, but Republicans shouldn’t get complacent. Democrats aren’t known for going down without a very serious, and very dirty fight, and there’s still a lot of football left to play before the final whistle.

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