What Do You Get When You Combine Pepperoni, 'FJB,' and Pizza?

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

OK, let me begin with two critical facts.

1. I am an insufferable pizza snob. Proudly so. A quick look at my RedState bio proves just that. Having grown up near Chicago, “Chicago-style pizza” — Aurelio’s Pizza, in particular — is translatable in my world to “God’s pizza,” which — and this is important — does not solely mean deep-dish pizza. Don’t get me wrong; I can eat the stuff every once in a while, but I see it more like pizza casserole than legit pizza.


Therefore, in my book, God’s pizza is hand-tossed Chicago-style — cut into squares, not slices. (And stuff it, New Yalkers — your “pie” couldn’t wear Chicago-style pizza’s jockstrap.)

2. Despite the feature image above, this article has nothing to do with Donald Trump; I chose the image for two reasons: a. Trump would no doubt be all over the pizza we’re going to discuss in a New York minute, and, b: I knew it would get your attention. There. I admitted it. Now let’s dig in, shall we?

A pizzeria chain in Sarasota County, Florida, is blowing the doors off its business after creating the “FJB” pizza, with “FJB” — which of course stands for “F*** Joe Biden” — spelled in pepperoni, as reported by BizPac Review on Tuesday.

Dude — I want one!

Catch that? Phil is not only not a Biden fan; he’s also ticked off at Joe over Bidenflation impacting his food costs and the Biden Supply Chain Crisis.

The whole thing began when “Let’s Go Brandon” became a sensation at a NASCAR race in Talladega, Ala. The winning driver, Brandon Brown, was being interviewed by NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast as the crowd behind them chanted “F*** Joe Biden.” I’m going with the view that Stavast did not mistake the chant for “Let’s Go Brandon” and that she quickly tried to cover up the actual chant.


Anyway, according to owner Phil Solorzano, owner of six Solorzano’s Pizzerias in the area, business is booming, thanks to the “FJB” pizzas, as transcribed by BPR — and not just “FJB” pizzas:

“Pepperoni more than doubled. Most products have doubled. Kenny has been telling me for months there are products you can’t find, that are out for two to three weeks. It’s just a pain in the butt. It’s the same pepperoni, the same distributor, but twice the price. We’re taking a jab at Biden.”

But his jab is in fun, said Phil: “It’s light-hearted humor. It’s politics and it’s not meant to be the end all be all.”

While sales of the “FJB” pizza started off slow, Phil said his pizza chain is now selling more than 20 of the hilarious pizzas a day.

“I’m not trying to be cocky. We have a very good product and we know what we’re doing. “We have outstanding loyal customers that love our product. They might not agree with our politics or some of the stupid things I post on Facebook and that’s okay.”

On the other hand, I wonder if they sell the “FJB” pizza with double pepperoni — you know, two layers.

Pizza lovers (and fellow conservatives), behold the “FJB” pizza, in all of its magnificent glory.


The best part of the whole “Let’s Go Brandon / F*** Joe Biden” thing is how much it must irritate the everloving crap out the hapless Biden and his disaster of an administration, Democrats in general, and of course the likes of CNN and MSNBC, who work themselves silly, every day, as they frantically try to save Biden from himself — a herculean task that, sans Hercules, has been a spectacular failure.

From the sock-puppet media to the ever-smug Circle-Back Psaki, how must it feel to know that Joe is getting his ass kicked by a pepperoni pizza in the latest example of the “FJB” craze?

I don’t know about the pizza itself, given that I’m a pizza snob, but I’m pretty sure I’d eat one, with glee.

How delicious.


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