Oh Noes! Disgraced Hack Brian Williams Leaving MSNBC

It is with a heavy heart I report that an era of journalism “excellence” is coming to a close, America. Brian Williams, the disgraced former anchor of “NBC Nightly News” and current MSNBC late-night stooge has announced he is leaving the distinguished network of Joy Reid, Nicolle Wallace, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell — giants, one and all — in December, ending a 40-year career in television news.


Will American news ever be the same?

Hard to say, but Mr. Potato Head assures us that while Williams might be leaving MSNBC, he’s not retiring.

“Brian Williams is leaving NBC, but he’s not retiring.”

Got it, Mr. Potato Head — but your pal is no longer going to have a program, so…

Williams, 62, was forced from his “NBC Nightly News” anchor chair in 2015 after admitting he “mistakenly” exaggerated — lied about — being aboard a helicopter that was shot down in Iraq in 2003. He apologized to NBC only after being outed for fabricating the bogus story.


The humiliated Williams then moved to MSNBC as the “breaking news” anchor.

The forever-disgraced newsman told his staff on Tuesday he was leaving, as reported by Page Six.

“Following much reflection, and after 28 years with the company, I have decided to leave NBC upon the completion of my current contract in December. “I have been truly blessed. I have been allowed to spend almost half of my life with one company.

“NBC is a part of me and always will be. 28 years, 38 countries, 8 Olympic games, 7 Presidential elections, half a dozen Presidents, a few wars, and one ‘SNL.’

“Good friends were in great supply at NBC. I was fortunate that everyone I worked with made me better at my job. I’ve had the best colleagues imaginable. That includes great bosses.”

No doubt knowing that Americans from coast-to-coast would be on the edge of their seats awaiting word on his next career move, Williams said:

“This is the end of a chapter and the beginning of another,” Williams’ statement continued. “There are many things I want to do, and I’ll pop up again somewhere.

“For the next few months, I’ll be with my family, the people I love most and the people who enabled my career to happen. I will reflect on the kindness people have shown me, and I will pay it forward.”


As the news spread like wildfire that Williams was leaving MSNBC, speculation of his next career move spread just as fast. Then, just like that, the satire site, The Babylon Bee, broke the news of Brian’s next gig:

Brian Williams To Host New Game Show ‘Are You Smarter Than A Journalist?’

As The Bee “reported,” contestants on Brian’s new game show will compete with elite journalists with questions like “How many genders are there?” and “Is 500 million enough for everyone to get $1 million?”

According to The Bee, Brian has already done a promo for the show:

“Want to see regular Americans test their intellect against journalists on tough topics like basic math and geography? Then join us on Fridays at 8/7 Central for Are You Smarter than a Journalist?!”

Williams also said in the promo: “The pilot episode was simply a delight to film. I know — I was there.”

Contestants will have access to several lifelines, according to The Bee, including “Dox a Friend,” “Make up an Anonymous Source,” and “Gaslight the Public” — to help level the playing field against the journalists.


I don’t know about you guys, but I for one am gonna be watching the hell out of Brian’s new show.

Besides, journalists make mistakes. Even Brian Williams.

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