Cruz Decimates Brian Williams After He Goes Full Dem Operative on Him

Folks on the left have been freaking out at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for criticizing the “woke ad” put out by the military.

As we reported, Cruz cited a video contrasting the “wokeness” ad with the Russian military ad.


So, some in the media and on the left accused Cruz of “attacking the military” — as opposed to attacking the harmful attack that Democratic policies have wrought and the harmful signals that they are sending out to countries like Russia and China who might decide to challenge us.

CNN’s Jake Tapper even pushed the garbage that Cruz was spreading “Russian propaganda,” as we reported earlier . CNN once again showing their “objective reporting.”

But even Tapper wasn’t as bad as MSNBC’s Brian Williams. Again, remember, Brian Williams is promoted as an objective journalist. But he’s hardly that. Here was his response to Cruz’s remarks, giving him the nickname “Kremlin Cruz.”


How is that journalism? Or even close to being an accurate description of what Cruz was saying? They know his point; they simply choose to twist it to attack him. It’s not news, but flat-out bias, acting like a Democratic operative.

Now, let’s remember these are the folks who spread Russian disinformation for the past four years to try to delegitimize the duly elected American president. Talk about spreading “Russian propaganda.” Their actions and failure at their jobs was hugely divisive and harmful to the country. There are still Democrats who believe the “big lie” of Russia collusion because of shamefully false and/or bad reporting.

But Williams picked the wrong guy to tangle with when he thought he could go after Cruz.

Cruz just decimated him in a tweet storm.



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