WATCH: Brian Williams Gets All Weepy Over Everything Biden 'Sacrificed' Because of COVID

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“Distinguished journalist” Brian Williams, whose “There I was…” lies made him the laughingstock of the news business, got a serious case of the sads on Wednesday over everything poor Joe Biden was denied experiencing — the inhumane sacrifices Basement Joe was forced to endure — due to COVID. Such an achy-breaky heart thingy to witness.


I often refer to CNN, MSNBC, et al. as the “lapdog” media or “sock puppet” media. If you Google either term? There’s ol’ Brian Williams smiling like the clueless liberal stooge he is. Anyway, yeah — as the usual MSNBC clown car occupants were waiting for St. Joe to deliver his propagandist manifesto, last night, Bri-Bri lamented about poor Joe’s sacrifices.

Warning. Do not take a drink of anything before reading the below or listening to the video. If you fail to heed my warning and spit your drink all over your screen, that’s on you.

As transcribed by NewsBusters:

Something to think about when we do see Joe Biden come down this aisle, Again, 36-year veteran of the Senate.

But so far, because of the pandemic, and he has never used terms of victimization, he has been robbed of so much of the majesty and pomp of the job.

Campaign stops. Convention speech. After he won, giving his acceptance in a parking lot, in Wilmington. An inaugural address before an empty mall in Washington D.C.”

Gimme a sec. … No matter how many times I read those poignant words or watch the anguish on poor Brian’s face as he struggles to get the words out, I weep — not only for Joe and Brian but for our nation, and the whole of mankind as well.


Memo to Brian Williams:

Did you pay even a modicum amount of attention to the campaign, Brian?

How Biden’s handlers locked him up in his basement and shuttered him away from the public at every opportunity— not to mention how they denied access to the media?

And you think that whole charade was due to COVID? Cute. Reality?

They used the pandemic, Mr. Journalism — and they loved having it to use as an excuse —because they were terrified every time ol’ Joe was “let out” of his basement. Worried that he would try to take an autoworker in Detroit outside and “kick his ass.” Afraid he would call somebody a “dog-faced pony soldier” or mumble on and on about how every American (and illegal alien, of course) has a right to “badakathcare.” I could go on.

Listen, I know you’re a shill for the Democrat Party — you always have been — but, dude.

And the reality, Brian? More than 574 thousand Americans, dead from COVID — which is a bogus number, of course, but you and your liberal media pals eat it up, hook, line and sinker. People, including their children, forced into draconian lockdowns for months on end by power-drunk Democrat dictators like Gretchen Whitmer, Kate Brown, and Gavin Newsom. Suicides. Depression. Mental health and emotional issues. Broken relationships. Kids most likely left with long-term learning deficits. The list goes on.


But you, Brian? You weep for Biden being “robbed of pomp and majesty on the job? Are you nuts? Wait— never mind.

Given the quality news network that PMSNBC is, the Frick and Frack of the MSNBC clown car — Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid — spent time gushing over how fabulous pretend-doctor Jill Biden was dressed for last night’s festivities. Here’s Maddow:

“It is also history, we should note, that we’ve got the Second Gentleman looking on, along with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Joy, I can’t believe you didn’t have anything to say at all about the First Lady’s dress.”

Joy Reid, the race-hustler of race-hustlers, didn’t “say anything about the First Lady’s dress,” America. And Rachel Maddow can’t believe it. Ah, but Reid explained:

“I held it in. I think it’s very pretty. And you know I’m secretly texting people to find out.”

Oh, come on. She “held it in.” Why? Afraid she would burst into tears of joy? And these people wonder why we ridicule them so much. And hoo boy, Maddow was concerned. “You got very quiet,” she said. Then this from Reid:

“Yeah. I know her sartorial splendor will not go unremarked. I think she looks lovely. I love the flowers. I love the color.”

“Sartorial (related to a tailoring, or tailored clothes) splendor.” Remember when Reid described Melania Trump’s choice of clothing as “sartorial splendor”? Me neither.


Reid then went full-blown fashion critic:

“I think she looks lovely. And it’s age-appropriate. But it’s showing a bit of something. She’s giving you a little bit of reveal [rolling-eyes emoji] But not too much reveal. So I love it.”

MSNBC and CNN: The Laurel and Hardy of “journalism.”

And they wonder why their ratings suck so bad.

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