Jen Psaki Gives Typical Psaki Answer When Asked if Biden Administration Will Recognize the Taliban

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And there it is. Just like clockwork. White House press secretary Jen Psaki giving a typical smug, Psaki answer to a question: a nonanswer — for the sole purpose of being able to later obfuscate, deflect, or outright lie about “what” she said and “when” she said it.


Psaki’s latest effort came during a gaggle with reporters aboard Air Force One on Monday, when she was asked if and when the Biden administration will recognize the Taliban — the brutal Islamist extremist terrorist organization with a propensity to burn women alive, forcibly “marry” girls as young as 12-years-old, and show up at Afghan homes and summarily execute every family member in the house.

Incredulously — but completely predictable — Psaki’s response was unbelievable — except coming from the Biden administration, that is, given that such answers and worse are common occurrences.

There’s no rush to recognition, and that will be planned dependent on what steps the Taliban takes. The world will be watching whether they allow for American citizens, whether they allow individuals to leave who want to, and how they treat women and girls around the country.

“I don’t have a timeline for you,” she added.

Um, Jenny-Jen P? I have a few questions. In no particular order:

  • While you don’t “have a timeline” now, your answer suggests one is coming in the future. Why?
  • What “steps” do you people think the seventh-century-mentality Islamist extremists might take?
  • What are Biden and “the world” watching for? Particularly as it relates to women and girls?
  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but we saw more than 20 brutal years of horrific evidence of exactly how the Taliban treat women and girls. Remember? We do.
  • Do your boss and other hapless people in the administration honestly believe the Taliban gives a damn about being recognized by Joe Biden? Vs. continuing its long history of brutality and unspeakable horrors against innocent Afghan men, women, and children?

No hurry. I’ll wait.

As reported by Fox News, a Taliban spokesperson on Monday said positions within the government are now in an “acting capacity,” and that many members of the old guard are part of the new government. Uh-huh, I bet. Why — to be executed in front of the members of the new government, the nanosecond it convenes for the first time?

According to a report from the BBC, the new Afghan government will be led by Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, with Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar as deputy.

For those of you keeping score at home (Jen Psaki), zero women were named as part of the new government, despite international demands for “inclusivity.” Shocked? If so, that’s on you.

And the people desperately trying to escape Afghanistan and Taliban vengeance?

No problem! Said Taliban spokesman Zabijullah Mujahid. “They just have to obey our laws!”

Referring to Taliban rule as remotely relative to 21st-century law is laugh-out-loud preposterous. Yet here America finds itself —with the Biden administration. But according to the spokesman, foreign travel will be up and running in a jiffy:

[They] have to have passports; have to have visas, and we have to have an exit stamp on their passports — for now, we had nothing. Tomorrow, we will definitely restart the work of departments and then people will be able to travel abroad. [Sure they will.]

So, the next few days, people will be able to travel abroad.


Can’t you just see Jen Psaki, furiously nodding as she reads the above, then proclaiming, in her smug-ass voice: “See! I told you!”?

In a comforting statement [maximum snark], Psaki told reporters the administration is “in touch with American citizens and are working to get them out,” adding that our intrepid Secretary of State, Antony Blinken is in Qatar “working on a range of options,” including getting flights up and operational.”

On a similar note, Blinken’s State Department on Monday said the U.S. is working “quickly and with precision” to ensure U.S. citizens and “at-risk Afghan civilians” are able to reach their ultimate destinations “safely and efficiently,” Fox News also reported.

Guys? Does that “range of options” and “quick precision” involve a claim — flat out lie — that the State Department recently helped evacuate an American mom and her three kids from Afghanistan in a daring overland mission, as it announced on Monday? According to RedState, Fox News, and other credible sources, members of a private mission were actually involved in the dangerous rescue operation to rescue the family four.

Incidentally, following Psaki’s comments, Biden attempted to clarify her comments — wait — let’s do that, again: Biden attempted to clarify something someone else said. If that wasn’t a “flying pigs” moment I’m not sure what it takes to qualify for the distinction.


As reported by Yahoo! News on Tuesday, when Biden returned to Washington on Monday night and asked by reporters if the U.S. will recognize the Taliban, he said: “That’s a long way off.”

Um, Joe? Same questions I asked your intrepid press secretary.


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