'We've Lost the War' — Former Reagan Official Slams 'Disingenuous' Biden

'We've Lost the War' — Former Reagan Official Slams 'Disingenuous' Biden
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Even as the horror unfolded at the airport outside Kabul, Afghanistan, after a disastrous 72 hours of everything happening that Joe Biden told us — adamantly so — would not happen, “Joey from Scranton,” the Barack Obama wannabe, had one more chance to get something right about the catastrophe for which he and he alone was responsible. He said it himself, yesterday. “The buck stops here.”

And then he blew it. Bigly. Just like we knew he would.

Biden blamed everyone except himself. No, Joe, the buck got passed, there — and it stank to high heaven.

Hell, he came across like he was mad at us for being too stupid to understand the wisdom of his decision. (Translation: His lies.) And once again, the long-time back-bencher dug his hole even deeper.

Among those too numerous to count who lined up to skewer Biden — from Republicans to Democrats, from the Wall Street Journal editorial board to even CNN — a  former assistant defense secretary under President Ronald Reagan warned that al Qaeda “will again show its viper head,” after watching Biden’s “disingenuous” address on Monday, as reported by Fox News.

Francis “Bing” West told Fox News, as bluntly as he would allow himself to speak:

“We’ve lost the war. I don’t care how President Biden tries to present it.”

Mr. West told Fox: “We’re the losers.”

“We’re the losers coming out looking like losers the way things are happening at the airport. I was struck with how defensive [Biden] was, almost angry that this could be happening because he’s so much in the right.

“He’s not in the right and he didn’t tell the truth. He was disingenuous.”

As was the case with “Bing” West, I was also struck by Biden’s anger, as I said, above. “Why don’t these idiots understand that I did the right thing? That it doesn’t matter how much longer we would’ve stayed in Afghanistan. That this was inevitable.”

The problem is, Mr. Know-It-All, it was never about leaving. It was always about how we left.

It didn’t have to be this way. With all (ahem), “due” respect, sir, it is you who was either too stupid to understand that — or too stubborn to give a damn about it. And you sure as hell didn’t own it. Speaking of which, Joe, remember this tweet from a little more than a year ago?

“It’s hard to believe this has to be said, but unlike this president, I’ll do my job and take responsibility. I won’t blame others.

“And I’ll never forget that the job isn’t about me — it’s about you.”

Is that what you did, yesterday, Joe? Please.

West also destroyed Biden’s nation-building narrative, noting that U.S. forces were long ago reduced to a level that clearly was not equipped to “nation-build.” Let alone engage in a large-scale battle.

Biden also said in his delusional address that there would be “endless rows of headstones at Arlington National Cemetery,” the longer he (or subsequent presidents) allowed “nation-building” numbers of U.S. combat personnel to remain in Afghanistan, but West, a Marine combat veteran, told Fox News: “That’s simply not true. We haven’t been in combat on the ground for a few years now.”

As noted by Fox, the last time U.S. fatalities surpassed 100 deaths in Afghanistan was 2013. The second-highest number of fatalities since then was 54, and 2015 and 2019 tied for third with 22 deaths.

West explained, while noting that Afghan forces (whom Biden threw as far under the bus as his bony little arms could throw them, yesterday) were doing the fight prior to the U.S. withdrawal — not U.S. forces:

“We could [have] continue[d] this indefinitely and keep the terrorists from taking power in Afghanistan. [Now], al Qaeda will again show its viper head, and I have no doubt that within six months, we will be striking targets inside Afghanistan.

“No matter what the president is saying today, that’s going to happen.”

“I’m afraid that President Biden has made a terrible mistake that’s going to come back to bite us,” West warned.

The bottom line, as the former assistant defense secretary sees it.

“The military operational chain of command has egg on its face. It is inexcusable for the military not to have a contingency plan for a panic like this because it’s exactly what we saw in Saigon in ’75. Identical.

“For them not to have anticipated and had a plan ready for this, that is a failure of our military.”

And therein lies one of the Biden lies.

Biden continues to claim his administration had “contingency plans” in place, as the enormity of the crisis continued to unfold. Yet, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Monday said the administration admitted that the fall of Afghanistan “unfolded at unexpected speed.”

So which was it, Joe? It can’t be both. 

Yep, “the buck stops here,” as far as Joe Biden is concerned, goes like this:

“The buck stops here. Except Donald Trump made me do it and it’s Afghanistan’s fault, anyway.”

You’re still a back-bencher, Joe. You always will be.

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