'Fully Vaccinated' University President Forces Students to Get Vaccinated — Then Tests Positive for COVID

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As is the case with most of the Left, Indiana University President Pamela Whitten believes she — along with the government, et al. — has the right to force people to take an experimental injection — most of which have not yet been approved by the FDA — despite data that suggests the risk is greater than the benefit for several demographic groups. In Whitten’s case, college students.


To stop the nonexistent spread of COVID among young people, no less.

As reported by TheBlaze senior editor Daniel Horowitz, Whitten and her IU pals recently won a federal court case upholding the mandate of a state-funded university against the “bodily autonomy of the students.” But, as is normally the case with left-wing arguments, science flies in the face of the narrative. Whitten herself — “fully vaccinated” — has announced that she has tested positive for the virus.

Karma? Oh hell, yeah. Egg on Whitten’s face, at least.

As reported by WTHR in Indianapolis, Whitten made the announcement in an email on Thursday morning.

Indiana University President Pamela Whitten said she has tested positive for COVID-19. In an email to the IU community, Whitten said she has been fully vaccinated for many months, but began experiencing mild cold symptoms Thursday morning. Whitten said she will continue to lead the university during this time from her home office. Whitten said while the vaccine is not 100-percent effective, she is grateful to be protected from more serious symptoms.


Mike Mirro, MD, the chair of the IU Board of Trustees, echoed (parroted) Whitten’s comments: “We are also encouraged that the vaccine she received is doing what it should, preventing a more serious illness.”

That’s the current spin on the Left: “While the vaccination we have lectured you troglodytes about might not actually protect you from contracting the virus, it’ll sure prevent you from more serious consequences.”

Horowitz isn’t buying — and neither am I. “Self-awareness is dead,” he wrote.

Nearly all of the “experts” are now conceding that the vaccine does not prevent infection and transmission, but stating that it stops critical illness. Let’s put aside the fact that some of the latest Israeli data casts doubt on the claim of protection from serious illness.

The IU faculty (and CDC) are making the perfect argument against vaccine mandates. To the extent one believes government can rule over bodily autonomy, it’s because of the claim that it falls under the state “police powers” to stop the spread of disease, a position articulated by Indiana federal Judge Damon Leichty last week.

As I suggested earlier, Horowitz said Whitten’s advice is not supported by the science the Left is fond of shoving down our throats. He pointed to an Israeli study that found it’s unlikely that the balance of risk versus return pays off for college-age kids and younger.


According to the study’s calculations — unlike Whitten’s age group — an 18-year-old without the vaccine has one-fifth the risk of dying from COVID than that of a fully vaccinated 60-year-old adult.

As author and conservative political activist Phil Kerpen wrote:

“Even if vaccines are 97% effective, mortality risk for *unvaccinated* children is lower than vaccinated adults over 30. 100x lower than vaccinated adults over 75.

**No mitigation measure can be justified as “for the children,” ever.**

The Left only trots out science when it supports their narratives. When it does not, they disingenuously manipulate it or ignore it altogether. Narrative matters, facts are secondary — or dismissed out of hand.

Additionally, as Horowitz noted, Whitten’s claims are not only unfounded; they are absurd — in respect to COVID on the Indiana University campus.

Epidemiologist and author, Andrew Bostom, MD, laid out the IU facts.

IndianaUniversity claims ~12K students “tested +” for C19 since epidemic began. Lone public report refers to ONE vague student “C19 hospitalization.” Why won’t IU make public actual # of C19 resp dis hospitalizations there have been among students v. # vax-related hosps/SAEs?


Good question. Perhaps, because the facts fly in the face of the narrative?

And this, from Horowitz:

What is truly appalling is that not only is there zero benefit to vaccinating college kids — both for their health and for the goal of stopping community spread — they will incur the most risk of any group.

According to the CDC’s own data, college-age kids are most at risk for myocarditis from the shots, particularly among male students.

They are seeing as much as a 200-fold increase in myocarditis cases within seven days of the second dose over the background rate of everyday myocarditis occurrence for 18- to 24-year-old males.

We could continue with multiple facts that fly in the face of the narrative — but the song remains the same. The Left not only ignores “inconvenient” facts; it attempts to paint those of us who, while not opposed to the vaccination, in general, believe it should be an informed personal choice, as right-wing “anti-vaxxers.”

Incidentally, the mask Karens are now calling on Mumbles Biden to declare a national mask mandate — which he cannot do — even for people who have been fully vaccinated. What does that say about their faith in vaccinations, about which they’ve also been Karens? Or masks, for that matter?


Democrats: ignoring facts, data, history, logic, and common sense on a daily basis.


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