Wanna Make $200K Working Just Two Days a Week? Biden's Border Crisis Has Got You Covered!

Wanna Make $200K Working Just Two Days a Week? Biden's Border Crisis Has Got You Covered!
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As is the case with virtually all presidential campaigns, Joe Biden mumbled on for months about the multitude of “good-paying” jobs “he” was going to “create” — the government does not create jobs but that’s another topic for another time — if he won the election.

Well, Biden’s in the White House and while I’m unaware of all the jobs he’s “created,” I am aware of one, in particular, and it sounds pretty sweet. How about working just ten months a year, two days a week, and hauling in $200,000 for your efforts? Better yet, tax-free!

That’s right, gang. All you have to do is become a smuggler — smuggling illegal aliens through Border Patrol highway checkpoints, as explained by The Washington Times.

Victoria Perez spent 10 months as a migrant smuggler. When agents finally caught up with her, she told them she had made $200,000 over that time, working two days a week, driving migrants through a Border Patrol highway checkpoint near El Paso, Texas.

She charged $1,500 per person when the checkpoint was operating but only $600 when the checkpoint was closed because the risk was low and the roads were wide open, she told agents.

The $200,000 she earned for what was essentially part-time work exceeds the annual salary of a member of Congress. It works out to three times the starting pay for a Border Patrol agent.

Perez was, in essence, a gig worker, contracting herself as a driver for a much larger organization.

Needless to say, 2021 so far is a boom year for smugglers — coyotes — given Biden’s pledge throughout his pathetic basement campaign that he would welcome illegal aliens with open arms — if not with mariachi bands leading celebratory parades — on day one of his occupation of the White House. The surge was on; the Biden Border Crisis began.

Kamala to the Rescue? Not so Much

Following Kamala Harris’s humiliating trip to Guatemala, President Alejandro Giammattei told CBS News he and Harris “are not on the same side of the coin” on migration.

“We asked the United States government to send more of a clear message to prevent more people from leaving.

“[When Biden took office], “the message changed too: ‘We’re going to reunite families, we’re going to reunite children.’

“The very next day, the coyotes were here organizing groups of children to take them to the United States.”

Moreover, the day before Harris arrived, Giammattei blamed the Biden administration for “luring his constituents north.” It does not take a proverbial rocket scientist to figure that out.

Supply and Demand. Who Knew? 

According to The Times, smugglers are easily on track for their biggest profits in history. “Demand is so strong that the prices are going up,” Todd Bensman, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies who tracks smuggling tactics, told The Times. “There’s huge, huge money being made right now.”

How long has the Democrat Party tried to sell the false narrative that “migrants” become so desperate as a result of “horrific” conditions in their home countries that they go in search of smugglers, solely out of desperation? How can I put this, tactfully? That is a complete crock of crap — on an ever-growing scale, as detailed by The Times.

Talk to anyone familiar with the cartels, and they will inevitably start speaking in business terms. People are the product, and their families are the customers paying to smuggle them into the U.S. The cartels franchise the operations to coordinators and independent operators such as Perez.

What the cartels are selling is a vision: the American dream. People who have the cash or, more often, are willing to go into debt pay big money to chase that dream.

What the organizations bring to the table is logistics. The coordinators arrange housing, meals and transportation for tens of thousands of people each month who make the trip, and the cartels take a cut of the profit.

Mark Morgan, a former Border Patrol chief and acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection during the Trump administration told The Times, “The winners here in open borders are the cartels.”

“They’ve got so much revenue now and so many more resources available to them they’re able to take these tactics and open up new franchises now, and Big Bend is one of the franchises now.”

According to The Times, business is now so good that operations are expanding. For example, noted the paper, The Big Bend area of Texas, which is so rugged and remote that smugglers usually have avoided it, has suddenly become active.

The Democrat Party Knows It

While Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the entirety of the Democrat Party continue their disingenuous drivel about “poor migrant children,” America’s “moral responsibility,” and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, they are fully aware of the reality. How could they not be? This is about Democrat power and it’s very simple:

The Democrat Party as it has existed for decades has been unable to completely destroy America, despite its “best” efforts. Solution? Import enough future Democrat voters to sufficiently change the country’s demographics to finish the job.

The question is, will the Democrats’ orchestrated plan succeed?

Will they be able to import enough future Democrat voters to achieve their goal of permanently changing the demographics of America?

Let’s assume they can, for argument’s sake. Can they then be assured that the vast majority of those “future voters” will dutifully line up, election after election, vote Democrat, no questions asked, and continue to trot back to the polls, year after year, decade after decade, exploited all along the way? Dunno. But I do know this:

Demographically, Latinos have a strong work ethic, strong nuclear families, deep reliance on faith, and several other characteristics that would seem to suggest that unlike some other demographics — the vast majority of whom continue to fall victim to the pandering and exploitation — they would at some point realize that they were being played.

The question is, would it be too late before the majority of Latinos figured it out?

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