And There It Is: Biological Male Wins Female Beauty Pageant

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In this episode of “Try to Contain Your Shock and Amazement,” a biological male — sue me, “progressive” wackos, I said it and I will continue to say it — this week was crowned “Miss Silver State USA,” in “a celebration of womanhood and diversity,” an event apparently considered the biggest preliminary competition for the Miss Nevada USA pageant.


As reported by Fox 5 in Las Vegas, in what it called “a monumental win,” “Kataluna” Enriquez won the pageant and will now move on to the statewide competition in the pageant circuit that leads to Miss USA and, eventually, the Miss Universe competition.

One would assume that “Miss” Enriquez will be an early favorite, given “her” “special attributes” — along with those same attributes of other probable pretend-female entrants.

And how did “Kataluna” feel about “her” win, according to Fox 5?

“Miss Silver State was a great experience … to me it was honestly a celebration of womanhood and diversity and this celebration of being your true self. It gives you higher purpose.”

Although, the experience wasn’t complete nirvana for Enriquez, given that “she” was required to meet with a doctor who had to examine “her” and certify that “she” was “female.”

“I was asked to provide documents that were invasive in my opinion, physically asking me to get a letter from my doctor,” Enriquez said.


“It brought me back to a time where I felt like I was not welcome.”

Oh, really, “Kataluna”? Look at the faces of the runners-up. Do they look happy? What the hell do you think they were thinking?

“Grandma? Yeah. So here’s the thing. I just lost the beauty pageant. No, I’m not kidding. To a guy. Yes, really. I’ll call you later and explain, grams. I know. Love you, too — and kisses to grandpa. Buh-bye.”

But here’s the other thing. Enriquez’s ordeal was even worse than the examination by a doctor. Oh, hell yeah. And Fox 5 itself was not happy at all about the gross discrimination once again foisted upon poor “Kataluna,” noting that this was “something not required of anyone else in the competition.”

“At the same pageant, every other contestant was assigned a roommate except her. She did not want to name that pageant in this report for fear of jeopardizing her chances in future competitions.”

Sounds legit. Don’t call out the “unconscionable injustice” because doing so might hurt your chances of winning the next competition — put on by the same bigoted organization.

But, all’s well that ends well. According to Fox 5, Enriquez said instead of shying away from her transgender identity based on past experiences, she has decided to make “awareness of the transgender community” her pageant platform. Oh goodie. If there’s one thing America is lacking, it’s definitely “awareness of the transgender community.”


Incidentally, it seems to me that the real question should be — given today’s reality on multiple levels — why isn’t the left losing its mind over the fact that “beauty contests” are apparently still a thing? But, as a conservative, white male bigot, what do I know?

Anyway here’s a final ironic twist.

The pageants, collectively run by the Miss Universe Organization, were once owned by none other than former President Donald Trump and are widely recognized for awarding among the most coveted crowns in the pageant world.

The Miss Nevada USA pageant is scheduled for June. “I have a great feeling about Nevada, I am looking forward to it,” Enriquez said. As I suggested earlier, “Kataluna” is a heavy favorite according to Las Vegas bookmakers. [sarc, but probably true]



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