Tim Scott Responds With FACTS to Don Lemon's Hysterical Rant Over 'Woke Supremacy'

CNN might be the official Democrat Party mouthpiece, but when your on-air personalities include Fredo Cuomo, Brooke Baldwin, Alisyn Camerota, and Don Lemon, to name a few, “The Most Trusted Name in News” does provide some great entertainment on a daily basis.


As we reported on Tuesday, it was Don Lemon who stole the show with a hilarious, apoplectic meltdown over South Carolina GOP Sen. Tim Scott’s observation to Fox Nnews host Trey Gowdy on Monday that “woke supremacy is just as bad as white supremacy.”

Lemon’s theatrical pay-per-view-quality performance was off the charts.

Poor Don needs to dial back a bit before he suffers an on-air aneurysm.

Anyway, during a Friday appearance on the Fox News program “America’s Newsroom,” Scott calmly addressed Lemon’s histrionic performance. Some people are at their “wits’ end,” he said, over conservative African Americans speaking their minds.

“I would say that white supremacy and woke supremacy have their roots in racism and discrimination. It is bad. I’m not talking about tomorrow or yesterday, I’m talking about today. If we don’t deal with it today, we are going to have something on our hands that we can’t deal with.

“It was the woke supremacists by the way, who said that me and Hershel Walker were the ‘coon squad.’ If you watch the folks who are yelling the loudest right now, it includes people who are at their wits end because there are Africa-Americans who are willing to speak their minds from a conservative perspective.”

And the inconvenient truths for the left kept coming.


Scott told hosts Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum his life has been threatened in response to his conservative views. He then called out Lemon.

“Why that requires people to call my office and threaten my life, why that requires me to have a security detail because I decide to stand up for my values, my convictions based on my faith, I don’t understand that.

“Don Lemon can say whatever Don Lemon wants to say but until he has taken a serious look at what’s been happening on his side of the aisle and comes out strong against that, we’re going to continue to have a conversation in American that keeps us divided instead of building a bridge so that we can live in this nation together.”

Tim Scott is currently the Senate’s only black conservative, which puts him even more in the sights of the left-wing media sock puppets, which is where this whole thing began, with (one of) MSNBC’s race-baiting hosts Joy Reid. In response to Scott’s opposition to a $15 minimum wage, Reid took a cheap, racist shot, all but calling Scott a token.


β€œGotta love Tim Scott standing there to rub the patina of diversity over that round of words, that basketful of words.”

Isn’t it ironic how eagerly the left throws a “racism” blanket over any and all conservatives at the drop of a hat, yet it is the left β€” specifically black leftists β€” who just as eagerly bust out racistic rhetoric against black Americans? This is nothing new, of course. “House negro,” “Uncle Tom,” “token,” and worse have been used for decades against “uppity” blacks β€” by black people. Why is it not okay to say that? Well, I just did and it could not be more true.

Incidentally, Malik Zulu Shabazz, former head of the New Black Panthers Party, still holds the title. In 2011 he said of then-President Barack Obama:

“His beautiful daughters should walk out on this bamboozling, buck-dancing Tom. There, I just said it!”

Remember how brutally the media shredded Shabazz? Me, neither.


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