'Hold the White Guilt Trip': In Moment of Clarity, Bill Maher Tees off on BLM Virtue Signaling

Perhaps my reference to a “moment of clarity” is somewhat unfair to the “Real Time with Bill Maher” host (wink-wink), given that, as is the case with blind squirrels finding acorns now and again, Maher seems to have found more of his share of acorns over the last year or so than he has been accustomed to finding throughout his acerbic career.


In Friday’s episode of “Real Time,” the left-wing comedian went after various left-wing causes and the requisite “sanctimonious lecturing” from his pals on the left. “It’s time to raise awareness about a very serious problem,” he said: “Raising awareness.”

Maher said 24×7 “awareness” is making people crazy.

“We raise too much of it, and it’s making us crazy, anxious, and depressed. Must we be sad about everything all the time? The ribbons, the flags, the ads, the hashtags, it’s like that person on the plane in the next seat who won’t take a hint that you don’t want to talk.”

He then ticked through several examples of nonsense he’s had more than enough of.

“Let me go on record and say I’m against breast cancer, but I’m trying to escape for a few hours. Can I just watch the game without thinking about cancer?”

“Budweiser pulled their ads from this year’s Super Bowl and donated the money to raise awareness about COVID — which I’m pretty aware of. Hey, Budweiser, you weren’t put on earth to raise my awareness, you were put on earth to lower it.”

After noting that he should be able to watch “The Price is Right” without being urged to castrate his dog, Maher said people need to zone out, sometimes.


“Humans need to zone out sometimes. That’s why marijuana is popular. And meditating. It’s not a privilege to take a break from everyone else’s problems, it’s an imperative.”

Again, a moment of clarity. One time you feel like asking “Who is this guy and what has he done with Bill Maher?” Other times you wish he would just go off somewhere and shut the hell up. A somewhat recent example of the latter was his reference to Justice Amy Coney Barrett as a “f**king nut.” Still, the old liberal nailed it, Friday night.

Maher eventually got to Black Lives Matter and the constant white guilt trip” on the left, which leads lefties to virtue-signal the crap out themselves nonstop, he said. Or as I like like to call it, prostrating themselves before the altar of Black Lives Matter and pretend “systemic-racism.” There has been no better example on the planet over the last year than the slobbery pandering of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Anyway, Maher correctly observed:

“Crew members on the major airlines wear Black Lives Matter pins during the flight. You know, you can support a movement without constantly being reminded of it. Can I just get a rum and Coke, and hold the white guilt trip until we land?”

“That ribbon isn’t there to make me think so much as to raise awareness of what a good person you are,” Maher said as he wrapped up the monologue, closing by suggesting April should be designated as “Chill the F**k Out Month.”

As I said earlier, sometimes you wonder who this guy is and what he did with Bill Maher. Let not your heart be troubled, America. The “real” Bill Maher hasn’t gone anywhere and he never will — as evidenced by his recent comments about the MyPillow guy, Mike Lindell.


“I’m an evangelical Christian. And, if you’re a dipshit who made $300 million selling pillows, you’d believe in God, too.”

Maher went on to mercilessly shred “the election conspiracy theorist.”

Then again, I could do with a whole lot less of the MyPillow guy hawking pillows, blankets, sheets, mattress toppers, and his autobiography on TV, 24-7. You?

Meanwhile, I hope Maher keeps finding those acorns. Not for our benefit — for the histrionic meltdown he causes on the left every time he finds one.


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