Twitch Bows to Super-Woke Cancel Culture Lunatics, Apologizes for 'Misusing' One of THEIR Words Online

Twitch Bows to Super-Woke Cancel Culture Lunatics, Apologizes for 'Misusing' One of THEIR Words Online
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On two unrelated stories, this morning, I read the same comment on each — from different people — which simply said, “I don’t want to live in this country, anymore.”

One was in response to the estate of author and illustrator Dr. Seuss announcing it is ending publication of six books enjoyed by generations of young children due to their “racist and insensitive imagery.”

The second was in response to my earlier RedState article, Watch: Woman Makes Little Boy Read ‘The GayBCs’, a Children’s Book That Teaches About Terms Like ‘Coming out,’ ‘Trans,’ ‘Queer’. The headline pretty much says it all, huh?

Now, Twitch — a popular live-streaming platform — has apologized for “misusing” a considered-to-be “woke” term online after outraged activists lost their collective minds.

The term? “Womxn.”

Let the blowback begin. As noted by Blaze Media, “transgender allies” decried “womxn” as only used by “TERFs,” their acronym for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists,” to exclude transgender women. I know it’s insane but it’s still hilarious. Hell, I wrote that sentence, then read it three times, and I still don’t get it. [sarc]

“A step in the right direction. I know it’s hard for people who aren’t in the community to understand, but “womxn” is immediately read as an attack on the trans community. Nobody expects perfection but maybe… Google it next time?”

Sounds reasonable, given the insanity.

Again, this isn’t confusing at all.

Um, okay.

There were plenty of threats like this one.

“Twitch, we won’t forget that you used a harmful term created by transphobes in a tweet you made. Trans women are women, not womxn,”

“Screw with us and we’ll cancel you.”

Twitch, no doubt confused, groveled before the altar of super-woke cancel-culture insanity, tweeted from its official Twitter account:

“While we originally wanted to use a word that acknowledges the shortcoming of gender-binary language, after hearing directly from you, including members of the LGBTQIA+ community on Twitch, we will be using the spelling “women” moving forward.”

Translation: “Make up your minds. First, you tell us “womxn,” now you shred us for using it.”

What’s that you say, LGBTQA+, crowd? More groveling? No problem.

“We want to assure you that we have, and will continue to, work with the LGBTQIA+ community. We’re still learning. Our good intentions don’t always equate to positive impact, but we’re committed to growing from these experiences, doing better, and ensuring we’re inclusive to all.”

“Please don’t boycott us or call for our de-platforming, we promise to do better. We really do. We’re still learning.” How pathetic is that?

For those in need of an update, “LGBTQIA” — can “MNLOP” be far behind? — is an acronym for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, (questioning), intersex, asexual, and (agender).” I suppose the “plus sign” was tacked on to include anything else that comes along that tickles one’s fancy, so to speak.

“BaconManLives” was one of many Twitter users who called out Twitch for caving to the insanity: “Looks like Twitch deleted their super woke tweet with the super woke “womxn” spelling. Morxns”

The since-deleted “super-woke” tweet read:

“March is Womxn’s History Month. Join us in celebrating all the Womxn creating their own worlds, building their communities, and leading the way on Twitch.”

Au contraire. Obviously, Twitch didn’t get the memo from The Babylon Bee, the best satire site in the universe.

Women’s History Month Canceled for Implying There Is Such A Thing As ‘Women’.”

The Bee is right. How can we not laugh at the insanity? Surely there’s humor to be found in the insidious destructure of American society, right? #SMH

Although the video of the little boy reading “The GayBCs” I referenced at the top was simply disturbing.

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