De Blasio Throws Cuomo WAY UNDER the Bus This Time, in Response to Luv Guv's 'Sickening' Sexual Harassment Statement

Watching New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s increasingly-blistering beatdowns of embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is almost as satisfying as watching the governor’s mansion walls close in on Cuomo, as his political future continues to evaporate before his well-deserving eyes at an increasing clip. The operative word being “almost.”


Let me say up-front that my glee in Cuomo’s hot mess is not based on partisan politics.

Am I pleased that Cuomo is a Democrat and not a Republican? Of course I am. Do I think this arrogant bastard bully throws his weight around, uses his power in unacceptable ways to the disadvantage of others, has obscenely exploited the pandemic for his own personal gain, all the while continuing to lie his ass off about the New York nursing home death-count scandal and his efforts to cover it up? Oh hell yeah, I do.

So let’s first catch up.

In my Sunday night article titled Embattled Cuomo Releases Statement: Was ‘Being Playful,’ ‘May Have Been Misinterpreted as Unwanted Flirtation’, I included the full text of Cuomo’s bizarre statement, released to the media by his office late Sunday, following earlier accusations of inappropriate sexual advances by a second former staffer — which included allegedly asking the 25-year-old former aide if she slept with older men and telling her he was “open to relationships” with “anyone above the age of 22.”


As I wrote in reference to the statement, Cuomo “shockingly” went with the standard, “I was just playing around but now that I think about it, I might have been misinterpreted” defense.

Here’s a snippet.

“At work sometimes I think I am being playful and make jokes that I think are funny. […] I now understand that my interactions may have been insensitive or too personal and that some of my comments, given my position, made others feel in ways I never intended.”

Where does one begin? How about with New York City’s hapless mayor, Bill de Blasio?

As I reported last Thursday in an article titled De Blasio Tries to Throw Cuomo Even Farther Under the Bus Than Last Time: ‘Really Disturbing’, after news broke on Cuomo’s first accuser, Lindsey Boylan, who claimed the governor kissed her “on the lips” without warning, following a meeting in his Manhattan office in 2018 and, on an October 2017 flight aboard the official state jet, said to her: “Let’s play strip poker”, Comrade Big Bird de Blasio called Boylan’s accusations “really disturbing.”


“Look, these allegations are really disturbing, let’s be clear about that. When a woman comes forward with this kind of very specific allegation, we have to take it seriously. This kind of behavior, if true, is unacceptable.”

De Blasio went on, of course, doing a damn fine job of throwing Cuomo under the bus as far as he could. At the time, that is. Now, after reading Cuomo’s bizarre Sunday press release, de Blasio is back — and this time he means business. We’re talking way under the bus business. As reported by Fox News, de Blasio went off on Cuomo’s statement during a Monday interview with New York City radio station Hot 97, calling the statement “creepy.”

“It sickened me, it sickened me. The thought of a powerful man trying to take advantage of his power, intimidate a young woman and just the sense that he was treating her like — again these are allegations and we need a full investigation — but if that was what truly happened, it was like he was treating her like she was his property. Just disgusting, creepy.”

“Sexual harassment is not funny,” de Blasio continued. “Who the hell tries to explain that by saying,’I was just joking around’?”

Perhaps most devasting to Cuomo, the mayor then personally incriminated him. “I’ve seen him be abusive in a way that would not be accepted by anyone in leadership,” he said.


Also on Sunday, according to Fox, de Blasio called on the New York state legislature to revoke Cuomo’s emergency powers amid the scandals.

In related news, as I reported in Ever Seen Ron DeSantis & Mark Levin Absolutely DESTROY Andrew Cuomo Without Even Mentioning His Name? Here Ya Go, not only did rising GOP star Ron DeSantis burn Cuomo to a charcoal briquette during a Sunday night appearance on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin,” the Florida governor did so without even mentioning Cuomo’s name — masterfully so.

Yup, not a good week at all for the “Luv Guv” — and this week promises to be even worse.


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