Ever Seen Ron DeSantis & Mark Levin Absolutely DESTROY Andrew Cuomo Without Even Mentioning His Name? Here Ya Go

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In yet another example that “Luv Guv” Andrew Cuomo has allegedly spent a considerable amount of time focusing more on “Luv” than “Guv,” a second former staffer has accused the embattled New York governor of inappropriate sexual advances, including, she alleged, asking the 25-year-old former aide if she slept with older men and telling her he was open to relationships with “anyone above the age of 22.”


In contrast, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, fresh off his rousing opening address at CPAC on Friday, sat down for a prerecorded interview with Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin, which will air on Sunday night. One of the topics front and center will be Andrew Cuomo. Nothing about his alleged affairs; I just wanted to deliver another well-deserved shot at Emmy-winning Gov. “Leadership.”

A major topic Levin and DeSantis did discuss were measures taken by Florida, from the beginning of the COVID pandemic that proved to work. DeSantis told Levin that rather than listening to the hysteria on CNN and other liberal media outlets, including daily doses of  Trump-bashing theatrics, he followed the data and made decisions accordingly.

“Well we looked at the data that we had from other parts of the world as we were getting into March, and we saw that this is a virus that had a disproportionate impact on elderly people.

“And we’re the second oldest state in the country, so that was something that was obviously very concerning to us. And so we really viewed it as taking action to protect those vulnerable people as best we could.”

It’s coming, isn’t it? The nursing homes.


“And so one of the things we did, I think before any other state, was to protect nursing homes.

“So we prevented people from from visiting for a time, but then I think more importantly, we barred hospitals from discharging sick nursing home residents back into the nursing homes.”

Thanks for playing, Andrew, better luck next time. Say “hey” to Fredo for me, won’t you?

Levin posted a clip from the Sunday night interview on Rumble on Saturday.

In calm and collected DeSantis-style, the Florida governor then twisted the knife — hard.

“As you know other states did the opposite and ordered those patients back. We viewed that as something that would be very hazardous, and at the time there was actually a lot of movement to send the nursing home residents back. Because people said ‘oh you’re going to run out of hospital beds, you got to clear the hospitals.’

“And I looked at a lot of those models quite frankly, Mark, and I didn’t think they were worth the paper they were printed on. They were based on flawed assumptions, they were not being validated in real time by what we were observing on the ground in Florida.”

Turn out the light, the party’s over. Except for one final shot, that is.


“So I said, you know what?”, DeSantis told Levin. “If I have to build field hospitals all across the state I will do that before I send these patients back into nursing homes and endanger all these elderly people.”

That’s the way to do it, by the way. No ad hominem attacks. No sophomoric name-calling. Just the facts. “Here’s what other states (Andrew Cuomo) did; here’s what I did.”

Meanwhile, the “Adventures of Andrew” will no doubt get far more interesting this week. Expect more Democrats to throw him under the bus and demand his resignation, including a growing cacophony of self-righteous squawks from Hollywood’s Planet Looney Tunes.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.



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