Catholics Michael Moore and Stephen Colbert Awestruck Over Biden’s Faith: 'A Frequent if Not Daily Communicant’

As the Left’s herculean effort to remake Joe Biden’s image into that of a revered statesman continues, with all of the requisite trapping attached, of course, fellow Catholics Stephen Colbert and Michael Moore hooked up on Colbert’s “Late Show” on Friday and marveled over the depth of Biden’s Catholic faith.


As reported by CNS News, the left-wing duo talked about communications they’ve had with Biden about their shared Catholic faith.

While Colbert said he has had conversations with Biden about his faith, Moore said his communication with Biden consisted of an open letter he wrote to Biden in which he discussed their shared faith. A whole lot of faith-sharing going on, these days, huh?

Let’s do the letter, first. “Interestingly,” Moore posted the letter on Thursday, the day before he went on Colbert’s show to discuss Biden’s faith. Why you don’t suppose Moore purposely included the references to Catholicism in the letter in preparation for his visit with Colbert, do you?  Nah, that sounds way too cynical.

Anyway, Moore wrote, in part:

“You are … our second Catholic president. I believe you are a person of faith. You and I were taught the same lessons in Catholic school: to love our neighbor, even our enemy (uh-huh, just like Moore loves Trump); to create a world where everyone regardless of status or station has a seat at the table, and everyone gets a slice of the pie; a world where ‘the rich man will have a harder time getting into heaven than a camel will have getting through the eye of the needle.’

“We were taught that we will be judged by how we treat the least amongst us. Do I have that right? Are these not the moral, foundational principles of the coming Biden presidency?”


Incidentally, Moore went on to recommend “a few things” that “might make [Biden’s] presidency one of the best this country has ever had.”

Moore also reminded Colbert that Biden would become only the second Catholic president, the first being John F. Kennedy, which Colbert suggested, “has been overlooked a little bit.” “Not as much of a deal has been made of that,” he said, before talking about his own Catholic faith.

“But, as a Catholic myself. I was really struck—first of all, I know Mr. Biden to be a frequent if not daily communicant and he takes his faith very seriously, and I’m very moved by the conversations I’ve had with him both publicly and privately about faith.”

Colbert then asked Moore: “His Catholicity—why is that important to you?” Moore responded by pretty much just reciting the open letter.

“Because he and you and I, we all went to Catholic school, and we all learned the same lessons. And I said to him in this letter: ‘What are those lessons?’ The lessons were that the rich man will have a harder time getting into heaven than a camel will have getting through the eye of the needle. That, you know, blessed are the poor. That we have to take care of those who are the least among us. That’s how we’ll be judged.

“So I said I am assuming—I said this to him—that these are going to be the moral principles of the Biden presidency. I am just going to assume that automatically because I do believe he is a man of faith. And I think that is going to serve us really well.”


There we go. Joe Biden. Mr. Automatic. The question is, Mr. Automatic what?

So there you have it. Two good Catholics talking about a third.

I wrote an article last week about a call between Biden and Pope Francis, which the Biden campaign described as a congratulatory call from the pope. The title of the article pretty much sums it up: Pope Congratulates ‘Deeply Devout’ Catholic Biden, Who Calls Abortion an ‘Essential Health Care Service’.

It is not my place to question Biden’s faith. But it is my job to point out that Biden, who describes himself as a “devout Catholic,” and reportedly carries a rosary in his pocket and attends Mass every Sunday, is also a devout advocate for abortion, or as he refers to it, as I noted in my above headline, an “essential health care service.”

Here’s Biden in April with Hillary Clinton during a virtual town hall.

Again, it’s not my job to judge Joe Biden’s faith. But I did point out in the article that the pope, while not mentioning Biden by name, specifically condemned his “essential health care service” reference to abortion during a September message to the United Nations.

And as for Colbert and Moore? The term “political expediency” comes to mind.


For more fun Biden news, check out my article titled The Jokes Just Keep Coming: MSNBC Asks Former Obama Press Secretary How Biden Can Fight ‘Conservative Media Bias’.


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