Yeah, Now That the Election Is Over: Improbable Dem Senator Praises Trump's Operation Warp Speed as 'Dramatic Success'

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool

Not only would the stunning admission by a Democrat lawmaker have been unthinkable a mere 44 days ago; the Democrat from whose lips it came was none other than Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, one of Capitol Hill’s most lying-ass disingenuous denizens of the last 38 years.


Yet there was Durbin, on the Senate floor on Wednesday, singing the praises of Donald Trump — no, this is not the Babylon Bee — and the White House for their role in delivering an approved COVID vaccine to market before year’s end.

As you undoubtedly remember, Trump was widely ridiculed, criticized, and worse, by the Democrat Party and the organ-grinder monkeys in the Democrat state media, for pledging that the vaccine would indeed be delivered before the end of the year.

Moreover, if the vaccine had been released before the election, Democrats like Durbin, Wille Brown’s Kamala Harris, addled Nancy Pelosi, and scores of other hypocritical Democrats would have melodramatically warned America that the vaccine might not be safe, You know, because Trump.

Yet there was Dickie Durbin doing his kabuki dance, with the smug knowledge that another addled Democrat, Joe Biden, has been officially elected president by the Electoral College.

Heeeere’s Dickie:

“The Warp Speed project appears to be a dramatic success. I pray that it will be. Although I’ve been a frequent critic of this administration, I want to give them credit for organizing this effectively and delivering a vaccine in a timely way. Almost amazing timely way in this pandemic that we face.”


Who knew?

GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest marked the incredulous moment, as well.

Durbin reserved most of his praise — rightly so — for the scientists and others who made Trump’s pledge a reality:

“I thank all who were involved in it. Especially the scientists and researchers who didn’t give up until they found these vaccines. I don’t think there is an American alive today who doesn’t value medical research more today than they did a year ago.”

Kudos to Durbin — the first and most likely last time I will utter those words — even knowing that he wouldn’t have heaped praise on Trump 44 days ago. After all, the veteran weasel Democrat has been far more comfortable, for example, lauding Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, while slamming President Trump in comparison.


Anyway, enough with Dickie Durbin.

Given that it sometimes takes 10 to 15 years of research before a vaccine is made available to the general public, the accomplishments of the scientists responsible for developing a COVID have been even more remarkable.

Why I bet Time magazine had a helluva time choosing between the COVID vaccine scientists and the frontline COVID healthcare workers who have risked their lives — with multiple of those lives lost — for the magazine’s “venerable” “Person of the Year” award.

Fo example, Hungarian-born scientist, Katalin Kariko and her “obsession with researching a substance called mRNA once cost her a position at a prestigious US university, which dismissed the idea.” “Now, as AFP News Agency suggested, “her pioneering work could be what saves the world.”

Or, as I said, the frontline healthcare workers who have tirelessly cared for COVID patients.


Yeah, I bet Time really had a hard — no — wait; Time didn’t select either of the incredibly-deserving groups. No doubt the sock puppets of The Most Trusted Name in News™ wet their collective panties when announcing 2020’s real “winners.”

2020, America. Then again, why do I feel like 2021 is gonna be like, “Hold my beer”?


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