The Babylon Bee NAILS the Biden-Media Love Affair and It Couldn't Be More LOL Perfect

Democratic National Convention via AP

After watching four years of the so-called “mainstream” media’s relentless and often brutal onslaught against all things Donald Trump morph into “Mr. Biden, Mr. Biden, what flavor did you get?” as ol’ Joe was grabbing a milkshake with his granddaughter…


… memories came rushing back of the same embarrassing kid-glove treatment the media heaped on Chicago Jesus Barack Obama during his reign on his gilded throne presidency.

Sure enough, in a Saturday article titled ‘Forthcoming Joe Biden Exits Hospital in Full View of Reporters Following Foot Follow-up’ & the Liberal Media Is ON IT!, I wrote about the ridiculous over-the-top lapdog media coverage of Biden’s follow-up visit to the doc to have his broken foot checked out“Real-time” reports, video on Twitter; the whole bit.

No doubt about it: The love affair between Joe Biden and the fawning media is game on.

Enter, The Babylon Bee, the premiere satire site on the Internet, in my not-all-that-humble opinion; in this case, anyway. In a Saturday post titled “Biden To Introduce New Medal Of Honor For Bravery In Journalism,” The Bee shredded the lovey-dovey relationship between Biden and an adulating school-girl-crush “mainstream” media, as only The Bee can.


How hilariously true to life is the satire piece? This hilarious:

Joe Biden says he is introducing a new award: The Medal of Honor for Bravery in Journalism, a new Medal of Honor that is given to reporters who do really brave things like say that President Trump is bad.

The award will be presented to journalists who bravely endured the Trump years. Biden called these journalists “braver than D-Day soldiers, fighting off an even worse Hitler.”

Jake Tapper and the rest of the CNN crew are already being shortlisted for the award for making it through the darkest times of America, even darker than the Civil War or the Great Depression: a time when the president was mean to them.

Do yourself a favor by not only reading the rest of the piece but also by bookmarking The Bee and stopping by, regularly. No doubt the next four years is going to be a target-rich environment for the best satire writers around — just as it will be for yours truly.



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