'Forthcoming Joe Biden Exits Hospital in Full View of Reporters Following Foot Follow-up' & the Liberal Media Is ON IT!

It’s not as if the ever-beclowning liberal media lapdogs don’t caricature themselves on a daily basis, anyway, but today’s episode was among their finest efforts in a while.


The effort was made even better by at least one online left-wing rag beclowning itself by hilariously reporting as “news” the efforts of crack lapdog media reporters, as they followed Joe Biden — to and from a follow-up visit to the doc to have his broken foot checked out.

You remember, the foot Joe broke when he “got out of the shower and [a] little pup dropped a ball in front of [him],” and he “ran after the dog and grabbed his tail,” which caused him to “slide on a throw rug”? While he was “naked“? Yeah, that one.

Behold, Mediaite — and its outstanding coverage of this breaking story.

On the heels of criticism that he wasn’t “forthcoming” about his foot injury, President-elect Joe Biden’s follow-up visit was extensively covered by the pool reporters covering the presidential transition.

When Biden failed to report a foot injury until he decided it required medical attention two weeks ago, he was criticized for not being “forthcoming” — despite the fact that his medical care was communicated and covered in detail, and in real time. [LOL]

On Saturday, the president-elect’s follow-up care was scrupulously documented in pool reports, and on video.


And of course there were “real-time” quotes from the field included in Mediaite’s wall-to-wall coverage of Biden’s foot appointment:

We started rolling out of Biden’s home just after 10:35 a.m. We’re en route to Philly for a doctor’s appointment,” read a pool report from The Boston Globe’s Jazmine Ulloa, which also included statements from the transition office and Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor:

Today, the president-elect will have a follow up [sic] appointment at the radiology department of the Pennsylvania Hospital.

Background provided by Dr. Kevin O’Connor:

‘Consistent with our original plan, President-elect Biden will receive routine 2-week post-injury imaging today. This will be performed with a special CT scanner which is able to obtain a “weight-bearing” image.

“‘Now that the initial discomfort and swelling are decreased, it is important to observe the structures within the mid foot [sic] under the actual pressure of standing. This is the best way to assure ankle and foot stability.'”

Cutting-edge journalism at its best, right? This was even funnier:

Ulloa’s next pool report noted “We made it to Philly!” and that the “Press bus rolled up to Pennsylvania Hospital just after 11:20 a.m. Your pooler caught a glimpse of Biden in a dark suit and medical mask just a minute or two later. He slowly made his way into the building alone for a CT scan of his fractured foot. He and appeared to be slightly limping.”


Then… the real drama unfolded, as only Mediaite could report it.

Following the appointment, Ulloa reported “Pool was allowed to watch as Biden emerged at 12:23 p.m. from the Pine Building at Penn Medicine. He appeared in good spirits and appeared to talk to a pedestrian on the street.

He gave friendly waves to reporters and a few scattered onlookers on the street as he walked away. He continued to wave from the perch of a black SUV before climbing inside.

Whew! Looks like Joe passed his foot appointment with flying colors!

Among the multiple Pulitzer Prize-worthy reports filed on the breaking news covered by Mediaite was that of NBC News Biden campaign embed, Marianna Sotomayor, who in her tweet included 22 seconds of nail-biting video of Biden emerging from his foot appointment.

“Following his CT scan for his fractured foot, @JoeBiden turned to the press and gave us a 👍. He then seemed to suggest a supporter put on a mask after waving at them.”

Nice. A report that would have no doubt made Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite proud.


Being the consummate professional she is, Sotomayor also tweeted a teeny graphic of a statement from Biden’s office about the appointment.

This is the stuff that legends are made of, people.

ABC News was all over it, as well, as to be expected.

Finally, at the end of Mediaite’s extensive coverage, it dropped this bombshell:

“A mess of pictures were also taken.”

Humor aside, this is exactly the kind of ridiculous “news” we’re going to see for the next four years — or less, as the mental-acuity case might be. Yes, the very kind of crack reporting we haven’t seen since the reign presidency of Chicago Jesus Barack Obama.

You ready? Me neither.

Then again, as a political writer, it will be a target-rich environment if there ever was one.


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