Sen Tom Cotton Denies '1619 Project' Claim That Story of Pilgrims Is a 'Myth,' and Woke Twitter Blue Checks Just Can't

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) took to the Senate floor on Wednesday to pay homage to the Pilgrims, as next week’s Thanksgiving will highlight 2020 as the 400th anniversary of the 1620 voyage from Plymouth, U.K., to the New World, where the Mayflower Pilgrims first landed in what is now known as Provincetown, Massachusetts.

As our friends over at Twitchy noted earlier today, Cotton — “who makes New York Times readers unsafe and gets opinion editors fired with his words” — and his comments about the Pilgrims did not go over well at all with the “woke crowd” on Twitter.

Cotton tweeted video of his comments. “The same New York Times that gave us the debunked 1619 Project wants us to believe Thanksgiving is a ‘myth’ and a ‘caricature,'” he said, in part. “That’s a lie. The American people can still have pride and confidence in our forebears.”

The conservative Arkansan said the Pilgrims deserve the same honor bestowed on America’s Founders.

“This year we ought to be especially thankful for our ancestors, the Pilgrims, on their 400th anniversary. Their faith, their bravery, their wisdom places them in the American pantheon, alongside the patriots of 1776, the Pilgrims of 1620 deserve the honor of American Founders.”

The Hill tweeted video of Cotton’s comments, as well, along with this perfect quote.

“Just today for instance The New York Times called the [Pilgrims’] story a myth and a caricature. In the Food Section, no less. Maybe the politically correct editors of the debunked 1619 Project are now responsible for pumpkin pie recipes at the Times as well.”

Frederick Joseph, author of “The Black Friend: On Being a Better White Person,” leads off our Woke Blue Check parade.

“The fact that overt white supremacist, Tom Cotton, ran unopposed by a Dem is a great example of why the party needs new leadership.”

Guess I’ll go ahead and scratch that book off my Christmas list.

In a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black, cartoon-personified David Avallone, also an editor and director, tweeted:

“If I wrote a character like Tom Cotton, and named him ‘Tom Cotton,’ I would feel like a supremely lazy writer. He’s a cartoon of a racist Arkansas Republican, with a cartoon name.

Rejected alternative names for Tom Cotton:

Billy-Bob Plantation
Jedidiah Klansman
Joe Slavery”

Aw, how clever, bless his bitter, little heart.

Lookie who else showed up — discredited New York Times reporter, Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the 1619 Project, who describes herself as a “slanderous nasty-minded mulattress.” Works for me.

“It literally is a caricature. And if the 1619 Project was in charge of recipes everyone knows it would be sweet potato pie, not pumpkin pie, @SenTomCotton”

What Hannah-Jones is incapable of seeing is that it is her — and her left-wing fairy tale 1619 Project — that are caricatures.

This, from CNN commentator and author Keith Boykin. The narrative never ends.

And what Woke Blue Check parade would be complete without Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) — Jihadi Barbie — stopping by?

“When your sense of history doesn’t go beyond your 3rd grade coloring books and actual history terrifies you.”

She’s always so pleasant, isn’t she?

Conservative columnist and commentator Guy Benson was pretty sure that the Somali-American refugee, who reportedly married her brother in order to gain him easier immigration to the U.S., wouldn’t do well at all in a debate with Harvard Law School graduate Tom Cotton.

The nonsense continued. But honestly? I grew tired of it. The bitterness, I mean. Then again, what is the Left, if it is not bitter?

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