MSNBC Being MSNBC: Panel Discusses How White Women 'Weaponize Their Identities Against Black Men'

Is there anyone worse on the planet than a white woman? Tongue planted firmly in cheek, of course, but in the collective eyes of an MSNBC panel on “AM Joy” on Friday, the answer was clearly “NO.”


During a segment on Friday’s ridiculous “episode,” with Tiffany Cross sitting in for host Joy Reid — who no doubt would have agreed with everything said — white women who voted for President Trump were ripped to shreds not only for voting for Trump; but also for voting against Kamala Harris. (You already see where this is going, right?)

Cross asked Julie Kohler, a senior advisor at Democracy Alliance, described by Politico as “the country’s most powerful liberal donor club,” “Was this overwhelming support for Donald Trump in the 2020 election a vote for Trump or was it a vote against Biden/Harris, with emphasis on Harris?” (They don’t miss a beat, do they?)

Kohler, who is white, responded:

“White women — majorities of white women have been voting for Republican candidates for the better part of 70 years, and I think one of the things that we can hopefully take away from this election is that these are longstanding patterns that are unlikely to change.

“And so this idea that white women are the better angels of white people, and because we experience sexism and misogyny, which we do, that we are some how more aligned, or more empathic towards the oppression of people of color, and particularly black people experience in this country.”


How can I put this, tactfully? What a complete load of faux-intellectualist crap.

The Left has convinced itself that the more bile it spews about pretend-oppression of Black America, the more their schtick will stick to the wall. Thank God there are conservative women like Candace Owens and RedState’s own Kira Davis to speak truth to pretend-power and tell it like it is.

Kohler then began to shred white women with even more ridiculousness.

“That [notion of white women as our “better angels”] has been discredited at every point throughout history. Not only have majorities of white women voted Republican for the better part of 70 years; white women have taken an active role in the maintenance of white supremacy. And that has not changed over the course of generations, and so we still see those legacies today. […] White women have weaponized their identities, um, especially black men who threaten their privilege.”

Stop the tape. White women weaponize their  “white womanness” against black men who threaten their privilege?

Again, a complete crock of leftist groupthink crap — which is backed by ZERO empirical data to suggest anything near the kind. I’m never sure which is worse; that the Left spews this kind of hollow nonsense, with no basis in reality, or the realization that they actually believe it. 


“These are longstanding entrenched patterns,” Kohler said. “One incorrect takeaway from this election,” continued, “is that therefore we just wash our hands and say, ‘okay, we’re no longer speaking to white women.'”

As Kohler continued to spew, the two other white women on the panel nodded vacuously, as if they were bobbleheads — which is probably not all that far from the truth. She later described America as “a country that’s so rooted in white supremacy.”

“The notion that white women are just going to do this, I think, you know, in a country that’s so rooted in white supremacy it probably is the default position. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t organize. And I think that one of the takeaways is that we have to look at where that organizing happened and the difference that it made. And there are examples of that.”

And there it is. Moreover, white women who voted for Trump are triply bad: 1. They voted for a “racist.” 2.They voted against a “black” woman, which is “racist.” 3. They “used their sexual identity against black men.” Oh, the humanity!


One apparently-white Twitter user had a question after watching the clueless silliness.

“Is this how #MSNBC and their #Democrat masters think they’ll garner the white women vote? They ought to look in the mirror if they’re wondering why we left the Democrat party in droves.”

Kohler also needs to look in the mirror and, much to her horror, find out that she’s actually a white woman. Just kidding, of course; it’s only conservative white women who are the devil’s spawn.

This guy laid out the different levels of awfulness of white people.

Can’t make it up. Don’t have to.

In a somewhat-related article earlier today titled Mark Levin Puts Obama on Blast for Criticizing Trump’s Refusal to Concede: ‘Don’t You Damn Lecture Us’, I reported on Fox News host Mark Levin’s beatdown on Sunday of former President Barack Obama who on “60 Minutes” on Sunday, said Trump supporters voted for him in 2016 because they were “spooked” by eight years of a black man in the White House.


This is who these people are.

Can you imagine waking up every morning, looking for examples of racism and white supremacy around every corner, and going to bed pleased with yourself for having “found” sound such examples? You know, in a country “that’s so rooted in white supremacy.”


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