How Low Will They Go? MSNBC Host Says GOP Wants 'the Freedom to Kill Americans With the Virus'

There are, as we know, plenty of inexcusable left-wing hacks in the so-called “mainstream” media. And then there’s MSNBC’s Joy Reid. The Trump-hating, ever-bitter “journalist” is in a class of her own. Make that a cesspool of her own. Reid sunk to a new low on Tuesday — if that’s possible — by charging that the Republican Party “could [sic] care less” about Americans dying from COVID-19. And far worse.


How twisted does a human being have to be to spew crap like that? Joy Reid twisted. Oh, and for extra credit, Reid said Republicans “don’t care” about unemployment among minorities, but that pales in comparison to her shameful shtick about the GOP and COVID.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The ReidOut,” as reported by NewsBusters, the host unsurprisingly blamed Donald Trump and the Republican Party for the rising number of COVID cases occurring across the country. That’s to be expected — from the Left, that is. But Reid being Reid, she went over the top, starting with a burning house analogy to make her disgusting point.

“Imagine, if you can, being in a house that’s on fire and while you can hear the fire department sirens in the distance, rescue is so close. You can’t get out because someone has bolted the door. America is in a national coronavirus crisis. Our house is on fire and Republican elected officials are doing the equal of locking the door with the American people trapped inside.”

Again, it gets worse.

After pointing out the increasing number of coronavirus cases in all 50 states (and 87-year-old Republican Senator Chuck Grassley testing positive for the virus, just for kicks), Reid suggested Republicans nationwide have been sitting idly by and doing nothing, despite being “the party that bangs on about the sanctity of life.”


(We could flip the script, here, and mention that Reid and her ilk eagerly champion the murder of unborn children, yet wrongly blame Republicans for COVID deaths, but let’s not waste our breath.)

Reid then kicked it up a notch, blaming Republicans for wanting “the freedom to kill people with the virus.”

[T] party that bangs on about the sanctity of life […] busy fighting mask mandates and pushing back on common sense health recommendations because freedom, which apparently means the freedom to die and the freedom to kill other people with the virus.”

“So, while Republicans are busy demanding freedom from masks, they apparently could [sic] care less about the 248,000 Americans who’ve lost their lives to the virus and they accept no responsibility for any of it.

How miserable must life be for people who are that bitter? People who have that kind of blind hatred within themselves? People who think and talk like Joy Reid?

Incredulously, Reid also placed sole blame on the Republican Party for the “political divisiveness” that now grips America, which, arguably, is at its worst since at least the 1960s and the Vietnam war protests.

Republican Party “rot,” Reid said, has “spread down the Republican pipeline all the way to the states,” as she slammed South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s handling of the COVID pandemic while praising the heavyhanded draconian lockdowns of Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a guest on the show. Whitmer, she said, wants “to protect people,” and it makes her “want to climb the walls” that anyone would dare question her actions or motivations. Then again, we are never supposed to question the actions and motivations of the Left, America.


Here’s the thing. Joy Reid is Joy Reid. Left-wingers like her are a dime a dozen. There are more VALs — virulent angry leftists — in America these days than, as my dad used to say, you can shake a stick at. But this virulent angry leftist has a platform — a platform provided by NBC News and it’s ugly little child, MSNBC. For that, NBC is as responsible for Reid’s comments as she is.

Say what you want about Fox News, but if a Fox host spewed the kind of hateful crap that Joy Reid spews on a daily basis, he or she would quickly be out of a job. And then what would he or she do? Why sell his or her soul to the Devil and head over to MSNBC, of course. Or maybe The Most Trusted Name in News™.

In other COVID news, as reported by my RedState colleague Brandon Morse in an article titled Rand Paul Is Already Standing In Joe Biden’s Way On Lockdown Measures, the Kentucky senator wants no part of Biden’s threatened lockdowns: “I’m going to do everything I can to try to prevent Biden from locking us up and locking us down and forcing us to wear masks forever. We can’t go on like this forever.” Amen.


And in hypocritical Democrat COVID news, as reported by RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar, the hypocritical do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do governor of California, Gavin Newsom, was caught breaking his own draconian COVID restrictions by attending a pricey indoor dinner party.

Finally, speaking of hypocritical California Democrats and COVID, check out my colleague Jennifer O’Connell’s article titled EXPOSED: California Democrats who are in Maui While You’re Locked Down, for her report on nearly 20 state Democrat lawmakers from California, Texas, and Washington State jetting off to Maui while the residents of their respective states face renewed lockdowns.


This is who the Left is, America. They are hypocrites at best, and as is the case with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, some are despicable liars at the worst.

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