Rand Paul Is Already Standing In Joe Biden's Way On Lockdown Measures

Rand Paul Is Already Standing In Joe Biden's Way On Lockdown Measures
Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

Sen. Rand Paul isn’t having it when it comes to promises from the might-be Biden administration to lock the country back down and the Kentucky Republican is making it clear that should they try it, he will stand in their way.

On Sunday, Rand appeared on “The CATS Roundtable with John Catsimatidis” where he made his intentions to stop any lockdown from happening very clearly.

“I’m going to do everything I can to try to prevent Biden from locking us up and locking us down and forcing us to wear masks forever. We can’t go on like this forever.”

“Today, Biden’s talking more about a lockdown,” Paul continued. “This is absolutely why he’s going to be a terrible president if we get him. He’s going to ruin the country. Lockdowns don’t work. And in fact, all of the evidence on mandatory masks show that they don’t work either.”

“There’s about 10 different countries or venues, maybe 20, that instituted mandatory masks, and every one of them to a T, the infection rate or the COVID rate went up after the mask mandate,” Paul continued. “Now, this is just showing that … all these mitigation strategies — washing our hands, staying six feet apart — they really don’t work, frankly. And the virus, as the Wall Street Journal put it, is insidious. It does what it’s going to do. The only thing that’s going to stop it is either enough immunity among individuals in the community or a vaccine.”

Rand, a doctor himself, has been highly critical of lockdown procedures in the past and has been openly calling out Dr. Anthony Fauci for his ineffective measures in dealing with the virus.

Paul is correct about how effective lockdown measures and mask-wearing has been. Despite incredibly strict lockdown procedures in America and other countries, it has not stopped the spread of the virus in any way. As reported by the New York Post, experts called for a different approach as we continued to learn more about the virus and called for protection that focuses on the vulnerable, not the entire population.

The other issue is the fallout of the lockdowns. Isolation and loss of livelihood have affected many to the point of suicide, including children who are experiencing traumatic levels of solitude and little interaction with their peers except through digital means.

Paul’s refusal to participate in allowing lockdowns should be a banner to gather around, and not just for the GOP. The science shows that lockdowns do not work, masks make little difference, and if we’re going to get this country back on track then the idea must be ditched and new plans formed around the science we now have.

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